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Race 3 - Day 6

Henri Lloyd - Maaike Wassenaar

17 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Back in the galley today - first time this leg and with Meg no less. We've been assigned to different watches this leg, so not seeing each other as much as before. Getting our daily Meg and Maaike picture taken has therefore become more of a challenge as well. Not today, as we shared the galley making some of our, by now, Henri Lloyd favorite and staple dishes - risotto for lunch and artichoke-sundried tomato pasta for dinner.

As we were getting dinner ready our daily team meeting started as well. So Meg worked on getting last meal prep done and I sat on the steps in the companion way trying to listen in on the meeting. Having a meeting out on deck of a sailing vessel makes for a challenge of hearing all that is being said. So yes, when, after checking in with Meg, I got back up and heard my name I got curious. As it turned out I was used in an example of communication and relaying on deck.

On spinnaker setups/changes I am often the one on the bow getting the tack set up for the hoist. Especially when a Yankee has just been lowered, I am hidden behind the sail yet trying to communicate to people in the back of the boat. Not seeing the person who is trying to get you to do something, hence having no idea what stage they are at and what might be needed as the next step, understandably makes it difficult for the people in the cockpit.

The people who have sailed with me on Leg 1 claim I can scream quite loudly but that's a different situation and story perhaps. For getting information across from one end of the boat to the other it helps to have people in between to relay and even more to have terminology everyone understands and gets used in the same way.

Me being/speaking Dutch sometimes gives funny situations in trying to get information across and/or can be tricky at times when I again hear a new word. But just like with everything, practice makes perfect, so knowing I will be here for 'a few more months' and I am sure we'll have lots more spinnaker/bow moments to practice... by the time we get to London we might not need any words any more any how.

Just before leaving Rio I had the chance of skyping with some of my family at home. We had some tricky times with wi-fi in port, but luckily I had found a hotel with a plug and free wi-fi so skype time it was. I had spoken to my parents before, so now it was time for my brothers (families).

What had struck me in talking to my parents happened then as well...they all want to know how the sailing is, the boat, the team, the skipper, oh and about me of course. But then time seems up, and I didn't get to ask -- let alone hear -- anything about them, their life, my dad's birthday party and in this case for instance my nephew and niece's new dog.

So T I hope you had a great birthday party with your buddies and T, A & O big cuddles to your puppy and send me a picture!

Since our water maker has been fixed it is now shower time, so off we go. Being over halfway I don't know whether I'll be mother again this race, but if not, there's always Leg 3, so I will be back.

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