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Race 3 – Day 10

Mission Performance - Jo Fishburn

21 OCT 2013 - Race 3

'50 shades of grey' has a very different meaning in the Southern Ocean on board Mission Performance. It can be a little steamy below deck - but in the outside world it is hard to find any other colour apart from red noses and Pete's outstanding lycra leggings.  However, after a difficult 24 hours mood remains good, especially as we've decided all the fresh meat needs to be eaten before we hit Cape Town!

So - the last 24 hours has seen torn spinnakers, crash gybes, a couple of broaches and a bent spike.  Pretty full on - but just shows how well we've developed as a team.  This is after all what we signed up for, and whilst there are scary moments (like the balsamic vinegar flying out of one of the galley lockers - first world problem) we have strong leadership in Matt to guide us through.

At the moment I am a little out of action, hopefully nothing too serious, but the rest of my team mates have been fantastic.  Am now on Day 2 of sail repair duty with 3 others and we are slowly but surely getting Bruce back together again.

We're just coming to the end of the Ocean Sprint and looking forward to finding out our standings.  We have been more racy racy than usual and continual trimming of Thor (our Code 3 and one remaining kite) has kept us focused.

Thoughts are beginning to drift to Cape Town and who will get the yellow jersey.

Jo Fishburn
Holding fast