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Race 3 – Day 12

Switzerland - Lindsey Noble

23 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Birthdays and loved ones

Today started with a chorus of "Happy Birthday to you" for Janicke as she went up on deck for her 0200-0600 watch duty. Janicke is one of a twins so her sister will be celebrating today back home in Norway - Janicke sends her love. Quite a unique way to start your birthday standing in the South Atlantic in a very cold mist trimming a spinnaker at 03.00 in the morning. One she will remember anyway. To celebrate Janicke provided snickers bars and dried elk meat for the crew. Talking of birthdays Happy Birthday to Roger for tomorrow missing you lots see you in Sydney.

I guess it is about this time on the leg that thoughts on board turn to the stopover. Who will be there to meet us? - Which friends and family will be joining us in Cape Town? What we are going to do with our time off? We are all looking forward with pleasure at the prospect. Janicke is imagining a long hot deep bath with lots of bubbles and a cool glass of wine. Most of us will be back on Heidi for the next race to Albany. Only David (B) will be leaving us in Cape Town. David could only fit in a short leg into his itinerary and he has made a massive contribution to our race. He is going back home to Switzerland almost immediately from Cape Town.

Don't get me wrong we are as always totally focussed on racing and getting Heidi to go as fast as possible. Still under spinnaker we are making good progress. So far the anticipated light airs as we approach Cape Town are not quite as light as we thought and we are making 9 knots.

We are fighting hard for a good position. We are in the top six and really want to maintain this advantage however unlike the last race there is very little separating the teams so we have to continue to be vigilant and keep up speed but we also must avoid mistakes and doing anything that could stop us and slow us down - such as equipment or sail failure.

We are thinking about all the supporters at home and in Switzerland - crew who were on leg one but also crew who are going to join us later in the race. We really want to get up that leader board and make you all feel proud. We have jut had a strategy meeting up on deck - Vicky taking us through our options for the final stages of the race. Looking at the weather and forecast and also what the best angle of approach to Cape Town we should aim for.

We have around 700 miles to go and we will give our best shot.

Best wishes to the pupils and students and teachers that are following us. Perhaps an interesting project would be to look at wind angles and points of sail and see what factors we will need to consider as we try to make the fastest approach we can to Cape Town.

Best wishes from the crew on Heidi and "Hopp Schwiiz"

Lindsey Noble