Race 3 - Day 13
Crew Diary - Cape Town, South Africa to Albany, Australia
13 November

Nicholas Abramczyk
Nicholas Abramczyk
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Happy Friday the 13th from the freakish Southern Ocean.

What Time is IT? We are now UTC +4...so we're definitely in the future...

Day recap...um, appreciate all your well wishes and positive thoughts to keep the nasty weather in check for us, the front passed over early last evening with just some moderate conditions...as you'll see from the Race Viewer we are hammering away thanks to some sustained winds in the 30s with these wicked gusts into the 40s. ClipperTelemed+ is loving it...the crew is white knuckled. The race of our life...

What we see...More of those amazing Albatross

Weather: Windy. Wet. Cold.

Mothers...interesting...Italy meets Spain...not that I follow soccer, but seems like some team sports should be involved here...so from Albany watch we have Alex from Spain and from Cape Town watch we have Stefano from Italy...let the games begin! Breakfast got off to a bit of a rough start when Stefano could not locate the espresso machine to whip us all up a shot and lattes. He was flabbergasted all we had was this contraption called a French press, I think he refused to use it for that reason...however, the crew needs caffeine to power up!... Lunch...not only do these guys know how to cook, they are also into presentation! Bravo...lunch was rice with some meat...pretty basic, but they dressed it up nicely and passed around various side dishes to compliment the made perfectly rice...most excellent. Dinner...the great debate...do you cook the pasta in the rice cooker since the generator is running? Either way it all turned out Great...nice work guys!


Nick Abramczyk "Happy Birthday Ellina! I love you from all the way around the world in the middle of the Southern Ocean...here...wait for it...wait for it...here's a great big HUG and nose to nose eskimo kiss just for you on this special day...I love and miss you very much! Uncle Nicholas...aka knoticalnic"

Alex Laline 2Just want to say Hi to all my family and people who's been following and giving me support, you make me much stronger. Special shout out to my sister Gina, thanks for the "Magic Box" you gave me in London, I keep it like a treasure and it makes me feel closer to all of you. Also want to say "aiii Jaimeeee I miss youuuu"!!!