Race 3 - Day 11
Crew Diary - Cape Town, South Africa to Albany, Australia
11 November

Nicholas Abramczyk
Nicholas Abramczyk
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Who are we out here on the Southern Ocean? A bunch of misfits that is for sure. Leg 3 from here to eternity and back...Cape Town, South Africa...seems like a dream, a good one, and Australia seems like a fantasy.

We are locked out here thousands of miles from those things you might take for granite, soil under your feet and stable ground to walk...well that depends, my mum said it's snowed a bunch at home in Alaska.

Alaska, North America...South America...Europe...it's all just water out here...and it's cold...we are all in massive layers and takes forever to get up on deck...epically around meal time. So this leg, we talk a lot about it...but it is all about the people who are out here together enduring it.

They are all great and we've all gotten into as much a groove as you can on these wild seas. The watches (Cape Town and Albany) are working well together and the new now no longer just rookies, all are becoming Southern Ocean Sailors...

Stefano...brings a pleasant charm and flare of Italy with him and did just a fantastic job working with the team to provision the boat...there is not a watch that goes by without someone asking "where is this...where is the peanut butter, where is the toilet paper, where is my brain...Stefano is always able to help, except for that last one...

Dimitri...Dr. D...Our Russian, American whose skills as a sailor and doctor are helping to keep this boat moving forward...let's see we've had some minor slips and falls no big deal, some sore teeth and lots of humor to mix it all together. He's also a madman on the bow helping to get them sails changes, get down a kite or put in a reef.

Luc...he's so quiet we're waiting to find out what he has to say...but we know we appreciate his keen helming skills out here...I also think he misses his own beautiful boat and like many of us is like "WTF (flip) am I doing out here"

Nick Rainey...fix it anything man...bowman too, pitman, you name it man, it's NICK! Love that guy. I have a Nick crush :-)...so does Justin.

Eric...Our Mountain Lodge Man who loves the raw elements. Eric's calm presence and can do confidence is reassuring as well inspiring to all around. He's always got your back on deck.

Chris...As you know Chris one of our fellow blog writers...is a great sailor and in a feat only achieved thus far by Nigel and the Skipper, helmed for an astounding three hours straight this morning in just wild seas...hitting some impressive 20 knot boat speeds! Awesome.

Barnaby...Goodday Mate! We all love Barnaby...what's not to like about Barnaby! And because Barnaby was so much apart of prerace preparation he's spend a lot more time aboard than just leg 3. Barnaby is great from Bow to Helm and helping to keep spirits high on board with his positive and fun if not down right just quirky down under personality.

What we see: each other...massive seas...how to explain...well here's one way...if you want to experience what we did last night in 40-50kts of wind on deck...have someone you trust with your life, tie you to the hood of a car and get behind the wheel, then go down a steep full of curves no sides mtn road in darkness and rain with someone throwing buckets of cold sea water on your face...fun...the race of your life.

Weather: Cold. Wet. Windy.

Mothers: Elco and Han show...breakfast, was a combined head sail change in 50kts of gusting wind...taking down the massive freaking size of South Africa we hope it falls into the ocean head sail...great job combined watches...thank you...Lunch...once again, I am on the side of the "show me some skins..." potatoes...with some down right strange sausage...Dinner...spaghetti and meat sauce...prepared to perfection...great job guys the crew was all well fed and needed it out here in this cold roaring forties. They even made some fantastic cakes for the crew.


Han would like to say "Gina, hope you feel better soon, it was good to hear your voice and sorry I could not be there to take care of you!"

Ryan would like to say to Susan Jane "As always missing you very much, memories of Cape Town are keeping me strong until our next bottle of wine together..." (Ryan is sitting right next to me Sue, I promise he said that exactly!!! :-)

Veterans: To all of those who served or continue to serve your country, thank you, we appreciate your service, dedication and honor to protect others from harm around the world.