Race 9 - Day 1
Crew Diary - Ocean Reflections
10 March

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Team Dare To Lead
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Here we are halfway round the world, carried by the power of wind, driven by the sun, moon, tides, the rain and even the spin of the planet. Helped by a bit of canvas, some ropes and a lot of sweat and tears from a dynamic crew from all corners of the world. Some of us sail round the world and some cross one of their chosen oceans. Why? Who knows!

Each has their own dream, some share, some don’t but as a team or individuals we achieve and endure to reach our destination. On the way we see the wonders that most people will only see on TV; dolphins, whales, flying fish, turtles, albatrosses, skuas, Cape Pigeons and many I can’t identify. Some land on the boat and some are gone when the morning rises. Some of the smaller ones like swallows, wagtails and pigeons have been blown out to sea, land and sit on our deck and die. Beyond our help but relaxed in our company.

Night time brings out other marvels. Stars that are so bright that you can’t help but look up. The moon is so bright that it takes our night vision and it seems like sailing in daylight. Orion, the Plough, the Southern Cross, all help us to steer the boat on our course while satellites and shooting stars pass over (wish if you want). Each wave of the boats wash lights up the water around us as millions of tiny sea creatures flash their phosphorescent light, like a train of stardust in our wake. Larger creatures like squid light up like glow sticks or flash like beacons. But the most beautiful sight are night visits by the dolphins who glow beneath the water and play as though to say they are pleased to see us and then disappear. All this and much more has made my journey worthwhile and I have only touched on all the wonders, but I am ever so grateful. I am not good with words but if anyone ever gets to read this I would like to ask a favour of you all...

Please keep our oceans clean and free of plastics.