Race 9 - Day 2
Crew Diary - Farewell Leg Five Sailors
11 March

James Feldkamp
James Feldkamp
Team Dare To Lead
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Having been vacant writing blogs for some time, I thought I would start off this new chapter of ‘Blatherskite’ to say farewell to our sailors from Leg Five. As we prepare to set sail across the Pacific to Seattle, Washington, I would be remiss if I didn’t say ‘hasta la vista’ to our fellow sailors who have scheduled to depart Dare To Lead to head home and connect with loved ones and share their experiences of a lifetime with friends and family. So, I would like to say a few words to those stout sailors as they depart Dare to Lead to reconnect with their landlubber lives and regale their exploits (or bald face lies) to their friends ashore.

To those who have not had the pleasure to meet our departing friends, and to their loved ones that haven't’ experienced their darker sides, here is a little ‘snapshot’ of some of the uniqueness of our departing friends.

Theresia: Call sign ‘T-Rex’, although diminutive in size, this little firecracker was always there to help in the kitchen, making ‘flapjacks’ (freeze dry Indonesian granola crumbles – not pancakes), ice tea and doubled as the team paparazzi. She could always be counted on to help in any way possible (again see ‘fanny pack’ material). Hailing from Indonesia but living in England she always had a smile on her face to cheer up the crew. And we believe she helmed over the finish line on Race eight – of course we couldn’t see anybody at the helm so we assume it was her. We look forward to seeing her in England upon our arrival, sans flapjacks!

Oliver: A gem of a man who would never miss an opportunity to discuss deep thoughts – such as isn’t the term ‘cheesecake a misnomer’? He was talented in always finding the softest spot on the deck of our ship to rest up, and rest up, and rest up…. Well, you get the picture. He was also one of those lucky guys to have his wife sailing on board the Clipper yacht Seattle. Initially we couldn’t understand why he would not playfully ‘trash talk’ his wife over satcom email. That is until Dare To Lead met ‘The Tequila Pusher’ in all her glory,.. Adele compelled (or was it shamed) our team to keep up with her. This included Oliver who found out that gravity DOES work in the Philippines, when falling down a manhole on the way home (we still don’t know if he was pushed). But to both of them, you will be missed and hope your time on board Clipper yachts was as much fun, or as adventurous, as you had hoped.

Charlie: Charlie was an interesting entrepreneur who capitalized on people's desire to camp. He was always immaculately dressed, even in foulies and looked like the lead singer of a ‘Lover-boy cover-band.’ Always quaffed and decked to the nines, he also looked like he was always ready for the paparazzi. Charlie was always a team player willing to put the fortunes of the team first while doing an Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint or wherever he could help most. A great guy with a great family, we hope to see him at Royal Albert dock in England.

Bruce: ‘Still waters run deep.’ And this kiwi was no exception. With a wicked sense of humor as dry as the Sahara, he looked like Clint Eastwood's arch nemesis in those 1960’s spaghetti western. And with the nickname ‘Seven Knot Bruce’ he was known to throw things at the helmsman to motivate them to sail faster (actually, I made that up – but it sounded good). But he did yell at people ‘for their own good.’ He was also known to sneak away and quietly suffer in silence with sea sickness. Unfortunately, he had to leave early but we look forward to seeing him in Seattle for the Leg Seven portion of the race.

And...Rod: Picture a hippopotamus dancing on a lily pad and you would get the picture of Rod, our resident Australian, bounding into the galley looking for meals, water, biscuits or just a chat - in budgie smugglers! Always the man trying to keep a little sanity (or was that in-sanity) on board, he could be counted on for wise comments, sage advice, or instigating most trouble in Airlie Beach, or Subic Bay. The jury is still out on which Australian, was responsible for the taxi cab clean up (See Ollie and Adele).

Of course one could go on and on concerning each of the aforementioned people but I am sure you get the gist that they are all top notch and great people to have spent these past months with. Leg Five, was a first for a lot of us on Dare to Lead, which will provide memories for a lifetime. As we set up for Leg six to Seattle, we say goodbye to our new friends and of course welcome our new shipmates for the ‘mighty Pacific’. To those that are departing we wish them well, and until we meet again, fair winds and following seas.

Crew of Dare to Lead