Race 11 - Day 25
Crew Diary - UFO – unknown flying object
27 May

Bettina Neid
Bettina Neid
Team Dare To Lead
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UFO – unknown flying object

Hope I have your attention dear readers !?!?

No, I’m not one of those weirdos wearing an aluminium sieve upside down on my head to protect me from any alien microwaves nor am I keen to find out what’s really going on in that mysterious famous ‘Area 51’.

This is a damn serious coincidence I need to report! So pay some attention and bear with me when I lay out the story…

Somewhere in the middle of the ocean along the coast of ‘bloody’ Mexico [sorry dear Mexicans, but that coast is way too long and unbearable to sail along, just drifting from one mind-blowing wind hole to the next, getting grilled by an unforgiving sun…!] in the middle of a night watch, that sound drew closer and closer, then was right above us and faded away in the distance.

Certainly the sound of a small plane. However, we couldn’t spot the flying object despite a nice clear night sky. No position lights could be spotted by any of us - although we gave it our best! We finally had something to do while bobbing around waiting for the next puff of wind. So what was going on?!

My mind was immediately jumping into professional gear [one of my former professions was money laundering reporting officer for a bank]. After exchanging thoughts with my rather ‘innocent’ crew mates I could just figure out two possibilities:

Either it was a plane on a top secret mission of the DEA (U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency) or the CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) or quite frankly a drug transport was going on of some drug baron.

Sorry, we just couldn’t come up with a more innocent conclusion!

And this made us dwell on the amount of flour we are carrying with us for bread making …!

Another possibility is that we all just suffered from heat stroke ;-)

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