Race 12 - Day 7
Crew Diary - ​Getting Clipped part 2
10 June

Rob Jeeves
Rob Jeeves
Team Dare To Lead
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OK, we’re late – but we don’t care

More time at sea for the same fare.

Coming 8th our natural place

And not that far from winning pace?

Tigger hunts that extra knot

‘Enough’ we shout……. It’s all we’ve got

Just change the head sails anyway

You’re not out here on holiday.

The pace is high, the mood is too,

There’s always something found to do.

‘A change of Yankee’s’ what’s we need

Oh, not again! Next watch, we plead?

We have to keep up water speed,

No such luck on ‘Dare to Lead’

The race was done, no one knew where

Gate 3 was called (so it was fair)

And now we race against the clock

Hotels in mind, near to the dock.

Recharge, relax, unwind and feed

After deep clean on ‘Dare to Lead’.

I should come clean, we did divert

To Costa Rica (I bought the shirt)

The boat and crew both needed fuel

The bar we found was so damn cool.

The boat sleeps eighteen so they say……

(As long as on the deck you stay).

A proper breakfast cured our heads

And helped us out of makeshift beds.

Awesome night with rums and beer

A new dilemma – shall we stay here?

What a crew that Parry leads!

The drunken bums of ‘Dare to Lead’.