Race 13 - Day 3
Crew Diary - Leg 8: It has finally arrived!
20 June

Imogen Humphrey
Imogen Humphrey
Team Dare To Lead
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My journey to departing from Bermuda has been a long one. I, like a lot of others, signed up for the race in 2018 so it has been a long wait to get this far.

In the lead up to the race, one of the most frequent questions I was asked was ‘What made you sign up for the race?’ In all honesty, I was not expecting to get a place. I signed up for the race while I was still at school so thought the Clipper Race would not want someone as young as me with minimal sailing experience on the race. However, I did get a place and here I am now. In the years that have gone by since receiving my letter, I have come to realise that for me, this is a personal challenge. I never thought I would be able to say ‘I have sailed an ocean’ let alone being able to say that by the age of 22 and I still struggle to believe it sometimes.

This life is miles away from my usual one at home. I have just finished university having studied Agricultural Business Management and have a horse and a dog at home. Between all that, it does not leave a huge amount of time for sailing in between but I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge and differences I am experiencing and learning from, such as the well known ‘living life at forty degrees’. However, the one thing that keeps me going through all the challenges is the fact I am also doing this in memory of my fantastic grandfather, just hoping I can make him proud.

Until next time!