Race 2 - Day 26
Crew Diary - ​Race 2, Day 26
11 October

David Gateley
David Gateley
Team Dare To Lead
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Wind Hole Strategies in the South Atlantic

David Gateley

So near and yet so far. This is the overwhelming sentiment in the boat as we near Punta del Este. Of course, crew deal with this in different ways. These coping mechanisms are quite enlightening. There’s the obsessive cleaner turning the stern of the boat into a laundromat. Please be aware that if they start taking on other people’s washing then medical help should be sort!

Regressing into a more primitive primate with repetition of the question …’ are we there yet?’ should also be cause for concern. This is often accompanied by a flexed seated gentle rocking posture whilst on watch in the pit. When one examines the facial expression its often blunted with a complete lack of focus.

Thankfully there is always the eternal optimist, the Florence Nightingale of the piece, if you will, who’s mission is to visit each crewmember individually reassuring them that whilst food will run out way before we arrive in Punta del Este.

Guy our Skipper spends many hours by the shrouds on the low side incanting a series of spells and sacrificing pieces of the remaining chorizo we have on board to the Gods. Not sure this works, but it keeps him busy and distracts him for ordering gybes or sail changes.

Finally, every boat should have one, we have an Australian. He is the Shane Warne of our boat with zinc sunblock plastered all over his face. Just the very sight of him, before he opens his mouth raises all our spirits. The wisdom and sage-like thoughts he imparts to us all are priceless. If only, like Vegemite, it came in a tube.

Some thoughts on experiencing wind holes in the South Atlantic.