Race 2 - Day 27
Crew Diary - Race 2, Day 27
12 October

Bettina Neid
Bettina Neid
Team Dare To Lead
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Playing Twister is a hilarious child's game not very well known in Austria where I’m from. However, it was now introduced to me on a 24 hours per day scale here on Dare to Lead. So here are some insights:

Watch change. Getting out of my bunk, which is secured tightly up at a hilarious angle to ensure I’m not falling out while asleep and being on a port tack. The movement needed for that I call the ‘high jumpers’ as there’s only a gap of 40 cm to twist myself out of the cosy cave. By doing so, however, hold on very tight as landing on the floor or onto your neighbour is not recommended.

Getting dressed using one hand as you need to hold on whilst the boat is bouncing up and down and moving from side to side requires other acrobatic twists. The first hit to your head surely wakes you up finally at this stage! Next task is making your way to the heads passing fellow crewmates struggling with the same tasks. Try not to step onto each other and allow time to get a good hold before you take one step after the other.

Managing your luck in the heads when the boat is a 45 degree angle itself is a masterpiece. For reasons of privacy, I’m not going into much detail. Just one important note. Washing your hands and antibacterial them requires to free both hands at the same time. You better get a steady bracing position!

Breakfast. It is highly recommended to prepare your preferred breakfast cereal, find a seat, brace your feet firmly against the Galley outside wall and just then have milk added to your bowl by helpful Mothers. You may still find yourself spilling your precious calorie intake, however, to a much lesser degree as if you would have done otherwise.

Any task requires careful consideration, full attention and body strength. ‘Bambi on ice’ as it is called by Guy is featured down in the Lazarette. As I’m not the tallest person it is difficult to find a good bracing position or to hold on while you try to securely stow away a bin bag. At least I have brown eyes ;-) Oh yes, also don’t forget to take a deep breath down there. It makes you nauseous for sure!

Do I miss my days in the office? Well.

Nooooo (not yet?)!


The sailing Austrian

PS Happy birthday wishes, love and hugs are sent by the Dare To Lead team to Trisha’s Mum and Bettina’s Dad!

Happy Birthday Ma! Masses of love from me xx

Alles Liebe zum 81. Geburtstag Vati!