Race 1 - Day 24
Crew Diary - Race 1 Day 24: Liverpool to Punta del Este
13 September

Rowena Verity
Rowena Verity
Team Garmin
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Life is at an angle as we race along in the Elliot Brown Ocean Sprint.

It's all about adaption. I've learnt to tilt my bunk to match the boat angle and leave enough gap to crawl in. Then that's my space for the four or six-hour period while my bunk buddy is on watch. I listen to music to relax and sleep comes easily. Vivid dreams as the boat motion and noise play with my subconscious. A gentle wakeup call and a deep breath as I consider how best to exit my bunk without landing in a heap on the floor. It's challenging to move around. Everyday tasks of getting ready and making my way to the heads are equal to a body conditioning and circuit training workout combined.

The Port Watch is 2pm – 8pm today. The chefs Lyndsay and Scott have worked wonders to produce a delicious butternut squash soup. We're known as the hungry watch - easily motivated by meals and snacks usually asking for seconds.

Then sun cream is passed round and we head on deck to beautiful sunny day and moderate sea state. Winds are gusting around 20 knots and we've become accustomed to getting soaked with frequent sea spray as we carve our way through the waves. In the breaks between taking reefs in and out of the mainsail we talk excitedly about Uruguay. The luxury of a warm shower a welcome drink and catching up with family and friends. For now, I'm going to join my watch. My Watch Leader, Nell, has been passing round the (non-alcoholic!) gin and tonic sweets. She knows how to motivate us!

Sending love to Sophie Fraser and Cameron – looking forward to catching up with you soon.