Race 1 - Day 6
Crew Diary - Race 1, Day 6: Liverpool to Punta del Este
25 August

Scott Elles
Scott Elles
Team Garmin
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I must start today's blog by wishing my beautiful wife, Anne Marie, a very happy 16th anniversary. Honey, I love you and thank you for all these years of adventure. Without your support, I wouldn't be sitting where I am, somewhere off the northern coast of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean. I miss you and look forward to seeing you soon!

Yesterday was a day of champagne sailing, downwind with our Code 1 Spinnaker flying, sunshine and dolphins leaping in the distance. These are ideal conditions for cruising but not so much for racing. However, today we woke to the conditions we've all been waiting for. The wind and seas have risen and are sending us rapidly in our desired direction(ish). I spent most of our morning watch helming and loving every minute of the thrill of speeding along at 10 knots and guiding 32 tons of boat over and down the waves.

It appears that our efforts as well as GT's routing are paying off. GT just received the latest report and we've moved up from 6th to 3rd. TEAM GARMIN! TEAM GARMIN! TEAM GARMIN! The crew were all leaping around the boat, tethered on of course, cheering our short term achievement.

Because of the rowdy conditions above deck, we've had to postpone our daily deck-sercise class led by Bill and Simone. However, in these conditions, every small thing we try to do is an exercise in itself. I have no doubt that we'll all be swimsuit ready by the time we reach Punta del Este, especially Mick Pattni who will be sporting his gold speedo on the beaches of Uruguay!

I'm going to sign off with a new feature we're adding to the daily Garmin crew blog. Near our galley there is a white board where we note the quote of the day “overheard on Garmin”. We thought it would be fun to share these with everyone so we will be signing off each blog with these quotes. Yesterday's quote came from our resident blonde, Lyndsay Barnes. While looking through Dave West's monocular, she asked, “Can I see better if I close both eyes”? Today's quote is, ”Give us rotten apples and we'll make compote!”

Sail Hard, Stay Stormy!


P.S. Good luck to Will and Katherine on their first day back to school Monday. Enjoy your last weekend of summer break!