Race 2 - Day 8
Crew Diary - Race 2 Day 8: Punta del Este to Cape Town
12 October

Anders Pettersson
Anders Pettersson
Team Garmin
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CV22, CV22, this is Major Tom to Ground Control.

No, we are not on a space ship, I am on an ocean racing boat crossing the Southern Atlantic ocean. It is as unreal as being on a space ship. The race of your life or the challenge of your life is absolutely true.

I am, at least, completely out of my comfort zone. It has been days, in the beginning with sea sickness for some days and thrilling sailing. You are literally living with one of Mother Earth's toughest elements which brings whatever it has against you. The team spirit and morale is on a high all the time although we are tired and wet most of the time. It takes a lot living on a 45 degree angle 24 hours per day. Not to mention the daily routine when it comes to the visit to the place where you do your things.

We are all now waiting for a storm, which is behind us, to catch us and give the crew another challenge. The sail plan has been changed to be able to cope with this and ride it out. I am rather sure that all of us have been taken a little bit by surprise how cold and wet this leg is and I am been looking forward to see some of you reading this in Cape Town, my second home.