Race 6 - Day 21
Crew Diary - Certainties
17 February

Michiel Tijsseling
Michiel Tijsseling
Team GoToBermuda
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A gentle push wakes me up. It is time for my standby watch. While I still lie in my bunk, I notice that our world has changed. We are back at an angle again. The boat is heeling over 30 degrees.

Have you ever imagined what it would mean if all of sudden your house is tilted 30 degrees? Everything would slide to the low side. Cups, silverware, lamps, chairs will become moving objects. Opening a cupboard will start an avalanche of things waiting to jump out. Walking through your house becomes a real exercise. Think about simple activities such as making tea. That would require full attention. Do you want to throw something in a waste basket? Aim besides it.

But luckily, our ship is designed to continue to function well at an angle. All furniture is fixed in place, our bunks can be titled and a lee-cloth prevents us from falling out. Smaller items are stored in cavelockers with a net in front of it, so the items stay in place. The oven adjusts itself so that the cooing top stays flat. When we tack, and start heeling over to the other side is a good test. Something stored loosely will use its freedom to move, accompanied with some noise. And that is a certainty.