Race 2 - Day 4
Crew Diary - Race 2 Day 4: Punta del Este to Cape Town
08 October

Jon Milne
Jon Milne
Team GREAT Britain
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Notices to Great Britain Crew Sunday 8th October

1. While whales are not specifically mentioned in the Collision Regulations, every effort should be made to avoid hitting them. Be assured there is enough meat on board for the journey to Cape Town and ramming a whale may cause unnecessary damage to the forward part of the ship.

2.The practice of finding increasingly difficult technical challenges for Ray Gibson will cease. Latest example being water ingress to a PC power adapter.

3. The lunch time Upside Down cake is not a result of us being in the southern hemisphere and Gareth Banks being disorientated.

4. To improve the atmosphere on board crew members are requested to anti-bac their boots or themselves if applicable. Further advice available from Tessa Hicks.

5. Crew should refrain from diving in the cockpit pool created by any passing wave. this is only a few feet deep and injury may result.

6. Crew members seeking promotion through the poisoning of skippers and assistant watch leaders’ ration packs will be dealt with severely. We have consulted our legal expert Simon Spiers and stupidity is no defence in law.

Be advised.....