Race 1 - Day 8
Crew Diary - Race 1, Day 8
09 September

Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor
Team Ha Long Bay, Viet nam
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I’m not sure where to start; daily life has changed. The best part is changing from a work routine to an adventure routine, and leaving the majority of my responsibilities behind. Once on board, it is all about getting used to sharing a bunk, no showers, crammed quarters. By the end of the week it became normal. The watch system took me four days to adjust and is different from anything I have tried before. Lack of sleep is something that I have become used to, I manage on about four hours.

The best part of the week for me was sailing during the storm, accelerating down a wave reaching speeds of 25 knots whilst charging thru 30 foot waves. During my turn at the helm, I got the feel of the boat with such power and enjoyed driving the boat down the waves. I look forward to many more similar experiences.

As part of my routine, I like to send a daily email back to the USA, which gives me some peace of mind during times when it can be easy to be overwhelmed.

After a week in which we were competitive racing, the team has gelled together and we have all become good friends. The helpfulness and comradeary has made the experience more enjoyable.

The struggles and rewards have made the experience all worthwhile.

Getting used to the watch pattern took me about three days and would also seem to leave me short of sleep and at times and exhausted. Whilst on watch there were also activities to keep you busy, with welcome short periods for personal times.

Having a great time and looking for the next race on this leg to start