Race 3 - Day 11
Crew Diary - Race 3 Day 11: Cape Town to Fremantle
11 November

Paul Stevens
Paul Stevens
Team Hotelplanner.com
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The Southern Ocean Sleigh Ride Dream

Wow, where do I begin? From what was an amazing time in Cape Town, the actual day of Leg 3 Race Start arrived after many years in the planning. As preceding throughout the day took place, we on team Greenings all took our places on CV24 and crossed the start line. Everyone on board was excited to finally be racing to Fremantle. Oh, how short that excitement lasted!

When we ran aground, the immediate realisation was that a dream to cross the Southern Ocean was over, then attention immediately turned to the safety of everyone on board.

Our training kicked in and once safely back on dry land - thanks to the expert services of the South African Emergency Response team - the Greenings team spirit again kicked in and everyone rallied around and looked after each other. A few days of quandary of what to do next passed and then the news some of team Greenings still in Cape Town had the opportunity to join team HotelPlanner.com who had to divert to Port Elizabeth due to a crew member sustaining an unfortunate injury. Some positives do come out of bad situations and six of team Greenings were on their way to meet HotelPlanner.com to continue our adventure.

Everyone on board HotelPlanner.com accepted all of us with open arms and part of team Greenings has now been integrated within the team. THANK YOU team HotelPlanner.com!

Oh, and we are now heading in the right direction... whoop whoop!

*Note to Race Director Mark, please delay the party until we get there!