Race 13 - Day 7
Crew Diary - Race Finish
28 July

Graham Hill
Graham Hill
Team Hotelplanner.com
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This is a poem written by my uncle Robin.

Go Graham! Happy Homecoming Sarah.

Watch out Liverpool! Line the quay

Clipper Race sailors are home from the sea,

After months on the ocean they're bound to be

Ready to party, boisterously.

Excitingly they've raced around the world

On seas like mirrors or breakers that curled.

Constantly threatening; loose items hurled

To smash on a bulwark or go overboard.

Scrambling on deck at the bosun's call

To shorten sail in a sudden squall;

Grabbing a flailing line to haul

While skiddingly fighting not to fall.

Overcoming such challenges successfully

Earns deepest respect from lubbers like me.

Your adrenaline adventures, collectively,

Give every right for a mammoth spree.

Robin 28/7/18