Race 10 - Day 3
02 May

Lerato Masombuka
Lerato Masombuka
Team IchorCoal
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Race start was pretty good I was really nervous at first but seeing people cheering for us really helped to calm my nerves and since then I am doing well. I got sea sick on the first two days and I am happy now that I have recovered. I hope it stays like this until we finish the race.

I had my first session of helming with the spinnaker. It went really well, all thanks to my watch leader Ian. I am learning a lot from my crew members in terms of sailing. I have really cool members they are so nice and really helpful.

I am on the mother duty today which is really cool because I went to sleep before everyone on my watch and I will have more sleep tonight. PERKS OF BEING A MOTHER...

I won’t be able to send a blog everyday but I will try to do it at least three times in a week because we all have to take turns.

Love IchorCoal

By Lerato