Race 15 - Day 5
Crew Diary - The end is near
30 July

Jo Warne
Jo Warne
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And so, the end is near... As our family, friends & supporters can see, Imagine your Korea have accepted 11th place and we are now motor sailing. Why? Well, we're not sure why the race hasn't been shortened yet, as by our calculations we weren’t going to make London and homecoming in time. Frustrating, but getting back to see you all is definitely more important, for a lot of the crew it's been nearly five months since they've seen family and friends. I know you all may be getting a little bored of my blogs, but I promise, this is the very last one from me - ever :-( There isn't much to blog about that hasn't been mentioned before, so instead I wanted to do shout outs :0)

Rob - our Skipper, thank you for getting us all around safely, for having the back up UE boom charged when mine died, the non committal cat face, subtle humour & for trusting a legger to be Watch Leader on the last race.

JB JB JB - our AQP, what can I say, thank you for keeping us safe, for some great banter both on & offshore, personally making me laugh a lot (although hopefully you will remember the shoe flick is not a good move - ever ;-)

James (DrKnot) & Brian (Brains/Doorf) - thank you for your patience with me when I joined on Leg 7, spending hours with me on the helm coaching me on what to do, pushing me when I needed it to get me to being a relatively competent helm who wasn't terrified of helming with the kite up! For always answering questions, repeatedly, and making me run manoeuvres so that I "got" it

Richard & Norfolk Nic - for being rather blinking lovely chaps, with wicked senses of humour

Tash - who is quite frankly one of the most genuine people I've met, who manages to keep Richard & Nic in line - mostly! Still not sure where she puts all that tea ;-)

Vince - for working so hard at building team spirit, coming up with heaven knows how many quizzes, prizes, organising AND hosting multiple crew things onshore (although fairly sure some of the quiz answers were completely made up!)

Gill - our Team Coordinator, for keeping the boat and us organised, no mean feat!

Fran & Annette - for an absolutely amazing New York stopover, for some brilliant deep & meaningful chats, a lot of silly chats, a lot of cackling laughter and most importantly, never being afraid to get stuck in - even when I was baulking. Watching you guys get on with it, helped me get past some of my fears! Here’s to the the next adventure :-)

Johnny - what can I say! A brilliant Watch Leader, who never stops smiling, always gets stuck in and who is a very bad influence onshore. I hope Jody likes the repair on the gardening shorts.

Jamie - top geezer, who loves singing along and playing tunes as I do. We never did make it to a karaoke bar!

And on that note, Skips done his sums and apparently we need to try and get a bit more speed, so I'm off up on deck. See you all in a few days, Jo