Race 2 - Day 7
Crew Diary - Race 2 Day 7: Punta del Este to Cape Town
11 October

Claire Fulton
Claire Fulton
Team Liverpool 2018
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An open letter of confession to my best mate.

Dear Dee,

After the fanfare of us leaving we quickly got settled into boat life and when people got comfortable, you will never guess what happened next.

An array of Crocs started appearing; neon pink, fluro yellow, orange, beige! Dee – there was a croc-ness monster (crocs have accessories, who knew!) Even our leader and commander, Cap'n Lance, donned a pair (granted they were 2 sizes too big and when he walked around the boat, he looked like Bambi on ice - these crocs were quickly banned from deck due to fear of his life!)

Well Dee Dee, as we have spent most of our adult life ridiculing these people, I wasn't going to stop now. Oh you would have been so proud of me – every joke we have ever come up with, couple that with constant ridicule and it was almost like you were here with me.

However this story had a dark turn and I don't know quite where to start..

Last night I woke up mid off-watch needing to use the heads. As we only ever sleep for 3 hours at a time this is an unusual occurrence. I slid out of bed in my very fetching base layers and socks – now the dilemma, I would need to negotiate the bottom of the companionway (very wet salty water) and the heads (very wet yellow water) in either my socks, very wet boots or take off warm socks to put on my trusted flipflops.

I looked down and noticed my beloved bunk buddy James “not a real doctor, McSmokey” McFee's Crocs. Dee I did it, I slipped my feet in there, straight in, no hesitation, I had donned the Croc.

I am so ashamed to admit this, but they were so comfy, it was like your feet were getting a hug while you walked.

I don't really know what to say to you, I am sorry.

People did warn me before I took on this circumnavigation that this race would change me, however I didn't think it would be in such a profound way.

Maybe when I reach Cape Town we can have some counselling?

Are we still friends?

What would happen if I bought a pair?

Would we still be friends then?



p.s. While writing this from the nav station, waiting for what feels like a non existent wind shift so we can actually turn through the Scoring Gate rather than going the wrong way...I may have “borrowed” them again, the guilt is strong, however the dry socks and comfort win!

Love you, bye!