Race 6 - Day 21
Crew Diary - ​Pacific Ocean
14 February

Mary Vaughan-jones
Mary Vaughan-jones
Team Punta del Este
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We’re still in a windhole, after spending a considerable amount of time in them I think I am qualified to say they suck. Sitting going nowhere with the sound of flogging sails is one of the most depressing things on a boat. Despite this, and the crew slowly losing their minds, the atmosphere on board is fairly good. Imagine your Korea is nearby and we’re having a thrilling race, at times reaching a high speed of 2 knots. I’ve ceased looking at the TIMEZERO reports, nobody likes knowing some boats are in port with aircon and cold beers whilst we’re sweating our tits off with the prospect of sardine sandwiches sans bread for lunch (I decided making some yesterday would cement that our arrival would be post noon).

However, disco music is playing and pancakes are on the menu for breakfast, we will be in today after we’ve all just asked the wind very nicely to fill in.

If possible the crew have asked for the following upon arrival;

-Frozen Margaritas

-Salt and Vinegar crisps

-Fresh mango

-Eyebrow wax

-Clippers for Dave’s toe nails (an angle grinder may be required for these talons)

-Cold beer (duh)

-Full fat coke and ice, plus sniff of rum on the side. Served by a bronze muscular man in a small pair of shorts (Ben has volunteered but he’s pretty pasty so Cath has accepted him as a Plan B)

-Pints of dark and stormy



-Strawberry Daiquiri

-KFC Popcorn chicken (Large)

-Kopperberg cider

-Mango mojito

-Fish to eat our grotty feet

-Industrial fan


-Steak (Blue with fresh side salad)



-Rum and coke

-Bloody Mary


-Fish tacos with grilled pineapple salsa

-Deep cleaning team ready to go

-Loads of ice pops

-Confirmed list of our next destination ports

Cheers, hopefully next crew blog will be on race