Race 4 - Day 22
Crew Diary - Race 4, Day 22
09 December

Henry Bennett-Gough
Henry Bennett-Gough
Team Punta del Este
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Halfway to Australia

Here we are halfway between Cape Town and Fremantle in the middle of nowhere enjoying a nice morning. The wind has dropped below 15kts, the sea state is almost calm and we can watch the Albatrosses following us seemingly effortless like every day. A much appreciated break from the stormy conditions that were presented to us by our first big Southern Ocean low pressure system that was powering us towards Australia for the last week. Our daily mileage knockdown table shows that on day 11 we are now 112 miles ahead of the schedule that should bring us to Fremantle before Leg 4 starts and the rising probability of this actually happening is making all of us happy.

However, the weather forecast tells us that this is just the calm before the storm since the next low pressure is waiting just a few miles west of our position and is expected to hit us later today with winds up to 70kts, but hey, that's what we are here for!

Henry and Ingo