Race 9 - Day 4
Crew Diary - The Return: Leg 1er Back For Leg 6
13 March

Sue Woodcock
Sue Woodcock
Team Qingdao
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I wanted to call this blog something funky like Return of the Mac, but as my surname is Woodcock this doesn’t really work. Return of The Cock maybe? Maybe not!

Anyway, it’s good to be back on board. I was expecting the boat to have changed a lot, but it all feels very familiar. The only real physical change is the big tap in the galley which is now a bit rusty, a word that definitely cannot be applied to the RTWs. These guys are super slick, the difference since Leg 1 is astounding and it is blatantly obvious how much Ian and Mike now depend on them and trust them. The level of sailing knowledge on the boat is also super impressive, ‘RTWers’ and experienced multi leggers often take time out to teach us less experienced sailors about weather systems, wind angles, currents and drift. For sure, my knowledge has certainly improved over the last three days (is that all it’s been?).

It’s also been a good experience to support the new leggers, showing them around and working alongside for mother watch duties. Mother watch can be brutal, it is a long day that can be made more difficult by the weather and sea state. Yesterday’s watch began with us sailing upwind with a big swell, this made for uncomfortable cooking as the boat slammed down into the trough of big waves, it’s not a pleasant experience and I know poor old Shaneil (my mother buddy) felt it. By the end of the day we were in a wind hole, so the boat was flat. Great for us mothers, not so great for the race!

It’s now 1130 and I woke up just an hour or so ago after a super long sleep post mother watch, definitely THE major benefit after a long day of cooking and washing up. Thinking about it, I am also pretty hungry as I missed breakfast, fortunately Bruce and Seb are working hard in the galley and I understand soup and wraps are on the menu, can’t wait.

For Rob, Josie, Fin, Mum, Dad and Anne – I have written and sent a couple of emails but there seems to be a problem and they are not sending. Hopefully, you will read this, hope you guys are all ok and keeping healthy. Know that I love you all and Rob – yes you, I miss you xx