Race 14 - Day 6
Crew Diary - Atlantic Adventures
04 July

Georgina Wright
Georgina Wright
Team Qingdao
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Where to begin… I couldn’t tell you how many days we have been sailing as everything has merged into one. I can say that having only stepped foot on a sailing boat in April 2022, I am very new to all of this! What an incredible experience in which I have to pay thanks to my Headteacher, Mrs Robinson, who granted me the leave from work at very late notice. I've been thinking of the rest of the PE department and staff who I know will be working tirelessly to the end of term… you’ve got this!

I was very apprehensive about joining one of the leading race boats, given my absolute zero experience, but having been with the crew since Bermuda, I wouldn’t want to be on any other boat. They are a bunch of fascinating, dedicated and diverse crew who all hold a very key role on board. I have learnt a huge amount and got stuck in. I’d say my main role at the moment is to keep the crew motivated. I’m fresh faced and everything is so exciting. I will never get bored of the dolphins, whales and huge waves crashing over the side, smashing you in the face. Whether my enthusiasm creates smiles or annoys people, I’m not sure but at least they stay awake!

There have already been so many emotions which makes this whole experience unforgettable. The crew have had a tough few months, so being part of their winning race between Bermuda and New York was fab. Racing across an imaginary finish line in the middle of the night, booming the music, flashing our head torches was a real high. On the flip side, being in stormy seas, feeling as if I am hanging on for dear life in the middle of the night is both terrifying and exhilarating. The Round the Worlders have seen much worse, but to me, I’d decided that these might be my last few hours. At least I’d be going out with a bang...

We are currently living in such a strange little bubble that is so far removed from my ordinary life. I love it. In the middle of the night with huge waves crashing whilst flying a spinnaker, of course it's absolutely normal for a fellow crew member to be shouting for someone to check on the crumble in the oven. This devastating weight loss that everyone talks about must be a myth as I've never snacked so much in my life. I am hoping, having not seen my reflection in a while, that all the grinding of the sails has made my arms resemble that of Pop Eye’s at the very least.

My hat goes off to Chris, our Skipper, and any other Skippers working for the Clipper Race. What a huge responsibility it is to crew a team of people, like me, around the world. Absolutely bonkers. I am invested in the team and am in it to win it now. However my overriding feeling is that I want Qingdao to do well, more for Chris and the others who have put so much effort in for such a long time. Fingers crossed that things start to go out way again.

Anyway, I have so much to share but I probably should get back on deck. Sending love to all my friends and family. Happy birthday to those who I’ve missed and can't wait to give all the new babies a squeeze. For anyone reading at Holme Grange School, I can't wait to get the students out sailing in the new academic year. Maybe this will inspire the next generation to sail around the world, not just the Atlantic. A door has most definitely been opened for me…