Race 7 - Day 9
Crew Diary - I only did one leg!
03 March

Tammy Hirst
Tammy Hirst
Team Visit Sanya, China
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The time is near that we will be

In port in Subic Bay.

We’ve raced along the Luzon coast

And further did we stray.

We saw the land of the Taiwanese

Taipei, with all it’s lights.

We rounded Nansei Islands all,

With their Japanese delights.

We’ve surfed some fab Pacific swells,

We’ve lashed ourselves to bunks.

When all around, the world’s been tipped

And swung like elephants’ trunks.

Bread making been a challenge too,

To knead uphill in ship,

When all the time, dear Sanya’s tried

To rid me of my grip.

My bruises are a pretty sight,

Too many now to count,

but each one has a tale to tell,

For each, I had a fight.

I’ve loved the movement of the waves,

The boat sounds, sights and smell,

(On second thoughts, the sounds so loud

The smells? I dare not tell!

The raggy bits and bobs of kit,

That hang from eery perch,

A shirt, some shorts, that weird thing there?

Wave high with every lurch.

The breakfasts start with muesli, yum,

The dinners fill a gap.

But lunches, well, what can I say

They’re universally (c)wrap!

I love to see the dolphins play,

The pilot whales in breach,

It’s different out here in their world,

So far from human reach.

The crew have grown to be a team,

A really lovely bunch.

If only they could slightly change

What they provide for lunch!

I’ll leave this bot to fly back home,

To wintery, floods and that,

But what I most look forward to

Is baking on the flat!