Race 14 - Day 2
Crew Diary - Scott Waters Race 14 Day 2
30 June

Scott Waters
Scott Waters
Team Visit Sanya, China
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Dear loved ones, friends and supporters, we’re off! Our cross-Atlantic race started this morning with a Le Mans start at 0800 local time (1200 UTC, 1300 British Summer Time). At the time of writing we are 53 miles from that open bit of ocean and are lying in second position. Our strategy on the start-line paid dividends.

The start found all eleven yachts neatly in line (well nearly) with Visit Sanya, China positioned just inside the last leeward boat, Unicef. Therefore, if looking at us from the front we were 10th across the row. The countdown to the start began and it was odd to hear some of the (slightly delayed) broadcasts from the other boats too at the same time – amplifying and echoing the starter’s voice. Excitement was mounting within the crew, well within me anyway, and we all made sure I wasn't in front of the forward grinder (it seemed everyone had to check). I was to dash safely to the mast to sweat the Yankee halyard, however we had a game-plan and it was all for show!

Once at the mast we waited, we didn’t hoist straight away, we held off, cunningly we didn’t show our hand until most of the fleet were well kitted out with their sail plan. We hoisted our Yankee after four minutes as a shield for our secret weapon, the Code 1 spinnaker. After 10 minutes, as soon as our spinnaker was up we lowered the Yankee – we we’re off more down wind than the others and we started to leave the field behind. Result! Unsurprisingly Qingdao did exactly the same thing, great minds thinking alike. Long way to go, so let’s hope we can capitalise on this great start.

Best wishes from all the crew aboard Visit Sanya, China.