Race 14 - Day 6
Crew Diary - Race 14 Day 6
05 July

Jiong Guan
Jiong Guan
Team Visit Sanya, China
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Today is 4 July 2022. Happy Independence Day to my fellow USA crew, Carl and Harmon.

We are into the fifth day of the race from New York to Derry~Londonderry. Several records have been created for Visit Sanya, China since 2019. For example, 285 miles of sailing in the last 24 hours, and average speed of 11.8 knots. WE ARE VERY PROUD.

Since last night, the sea state has become rough, with wave heights of 3-4m. It is a good test of our waterproof outfits. In addition, it was dark during the night, even though the loyalty stars followed us all the way. Rough seas combined with poor visibility created quite some challenges for us, but Sanya is unbeatable! The whole crew helps each other and we sail at high speeds.

Today our Media Crew Shiyi prepared some delicious Chinese food: Tomato Noodles for lunch and Chinese beef with Rice for dinner. Yummy!

We are passing the Titanic location, my fellow crew Mr.Colin believes we can see the ship if the tide is low enough. In theory, I agree with him.

Happy sailing, we are 38% through the race.

Best wishes from all the crew aboard Visit Sanya, China.