Race 9 - Day 3
Crew Diary - Race 9, Day 3
12 March

Kiki Sheridan
Kiki Sheridan
Team Seattle
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Hello all Seattle supporters – hope you are well! It's good to be back at sea with my team after a little break. I was fortunately able to take part during the last Race 7 around the islands as that didn't affect my circumnavigation goal. I had a chance to get some much needed rest, me time and spend time with Phil catching up with all sorts of personal stuff. I feel so much better and happier to continue the race around the world again!

The first few days have flown by. Race start was very different this time as it was done at 1900LT in the dark while the beautiful super moon was rising – pretty amazing sight! Thank you to Dave, our Skipper, for letting me helm the start. I absolutely loved it especially when we managed to pull away a bit and all the boats to our starboard were nicely inline behind us.

This Race 9 is an approx 750nm, four to five day race to the west of the Philippines around virtual marks. We are currently sailing north on our second sprint... Well, we wish we were actually sprinting! The wind has been dying down all morning and the boat speed alongside with that. The new Leg 6 crew is gelling and training well together and I think we've got a great team for the next race across the mighty Pacific to Seattle.