Race 9 - Day 5
Crew Diary - Race 9, Day 5
15 March

Dawn Widdowson
Dawn Widdowson
Team Seattle
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With only 179nm to go in this short race we have completed our two elected sprints and are feeling good that we might have picked up a point, which we will not find out until prize giving on Monday. The mood on board the boat is good but quiet with everyone wondering what is going to happen to the next race - the mighty race across the Pacific to Seattle.

This is going to be a very challenging race and one of endurance. It is going to be cold wet and hard work living on a constant lean. The thought that we leave Subic Bay heading to Seattle only to find out half way across that we cannot go there has a few of us concerned in a number of ways. Where do we go? What happens next? How do we get home? Are we able to get home? What happens if we get sick on board the boat half way across???

I feel for the crew including myself as well as the dilemma that the Clipper Race Office faces. Oh well, hopefully we will be back in Subic Bay tomorrow all going well and we will get told what is happening. At the end of the day what will be will be. I will be disappointed if the race is cancelled as well as many other people. But if it is, then it is time to go home and I will be happy to see everyone both family and friends.

All the boats are currently quite close together - there is not a lot in it as most of us all have the same weather. We are currently chasing down Zhuhai who are only 0.8 of a nautical mile in front of us. Last night saw four of us ,all very close to go through the finishing gate for the second sprint. All the boats have to go through all the gates regardless of whether they are in the sprint or not.

Hopefully this wind will stay with us overnight (longer would be nice) before we hit the no wind zone down the coast which is looking imminent according to the weather forecast. Maybe we will be able to catch up on a couple of the boats in front putting us in a better position - fingers crossed. We are all trying very hard to get to a better place.

Once again thanks to all of our amazing family friends and supporters who are always full of encouragement and praise for us. Trust me we really do appreciate it.

Well time to go and get some sleep before our next watch starts again. The water is glistening, the sun is shining, there are a few clouds around that come and go. The flying fish jumping out of the water, the occasional bird flying pass and I never get sick of seeing the dolphins when they come pass. We have had a few visits from them this race. The sound of the water against the hull, the peacefulness that the sea/ocean/water offers. Shear bliss!