Race 13 - Day 5
Crew Diary - Race 13 Day 5
23 June

Sara Mcbride
Sara Mcbride
Team Seattle
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Hello world, we are currently 127 nautical miles from NYC…

Race Start - what can I say. Thank you very much Bermuda. I waited a long time for that moment and it did not disappoint. Sailing around and out of beautiful Bermuda is something that will stay with me for a long time. The photographers, all of the people on their boats shouting for our boat, the team chat as we left. My heart if full of excitement for what’s ahead.

As we wait for the boats to all line up for the Le Mans Start, a pair of dolphins start jumping around the boat. Pinch me, is this real!!! We are all lined up, in positions. I'm going to be sweating the staysail up with Alec (my fav job) 3 2 1 go go go!!! And just like that the race has begun!!!

We are off to a great start, I'm loving life, having the best day ever. I go down below to get dinner and start my off watch and BOOM within 60 seconds I'm back on deck. The green monster has got me big time. The next 36 ish hours are some of the worst I’ve had. I was questioning all my life choices and if I would even be able to carry on with the race after New York.

My amazing team got me through and here we are back loving life again . Tuesday's wind hole although a little annoying, was kinda cool, in the sun, reggae music on, trying anything we could to make this boat move. The night watch was special, kite in full flight, stars as far as the eye can see and a beautiful moonrise. Today we sailed into our first piece of weather…

That was fun and lots learned for the big Atlantic crossing. We are working well as a team and I’m learning every watch.

Today is Suzi’s birthday, wooohoooo can't beat starting the day with cake and a song.

NYC we are coming for you.