Race 14 - Day 7
Crew Diary - Race 14 Day 7
06 July

Susannah Veal
Susannah Veal
Team Seattle
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Race day Seven from NYC to Derry~Londonderry

‘Emotions’ is the word of the day. Had the 7-11 on watch but by the time I woke up I had a change of sails on deck over my bunk and I was well and truly awake. Did not realise just how many noises one can count for all the different pieces of equipment used in sail changes. Got dressed then usual breakfast then on deck ready to go. Little did I know that the front was upon us. Up until this time we had truly been lucky with the weather, good winds and warm, light clothes. Not today - this was definitely foulies and boy did it decide to rain.

Everything is soggy. I had forgotten what ocean life is all about, apparently. I don’t have a boat at home but I do get the chance of occasional helming but on looking at the conditions I talked myself out of it today - well at least this morning. We have all the white sails up at the moment which means more time for getting to know your watch mates, admire what nature can produce, the colours grey, dark blue, turquoise, white and that is just the ocean. Then we have the dolphin feeding show, thousands of them all racing for the fish, an utterly amazing sight. The birds that seem to never rest makes you see how much there is to nature that we just do not notice in our bust everyday lives.

I was ready after that watch for my break of 4 hours which for some reason I did not settle much on, still debating what it takes to answer the question why I chose this experience. I have my answers but one could do much gentler things to achieve answers - this is one hell of a ride. So to finish next on watch shift arrives I get back up put on the soggy clothes, yuck! I hate wet clothes but that is all part of the ride, dinner is not quite ready so back on deck for more wave action, then comes the call from the watch leader ‘Suzi you helming this time ‘ same conditions as before just no rain but I really cannot say no. So deep breath and say ‘of course’- came of that 30 mins with such a rush and a boost of confidence I was so excited. THAT IS WHY I AM HERE!!’