Race 4 - Day 20
Crew Diary - Race 4, Day 20
09 December

Dawn Widdowson
Dawn Widdowson
Team Seattle
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Seattle Blog Race 4 Day 20

Welcome to Day 20 on Seattle (7 December 2019). We have just over 800nm to go to get to Fremantle and everyone is getting anxious to get there. Today sees the sun shining brightly and not a lot of breeze, so we are making ground at around 6-7 knots instead of the 11-12 knots we had yesterday. The downside of not having much wind out here, is that it adds days to our arrival date and there is not a lot we can do about it as the weather gods will do as they please.

In the last couple of days, I have had time for reflection of both this leg - the mighty Southern Ocean and of the race so far.

The mighty Southern Ocean for me has been an interesting leg. It has certainly not been what I expected, the previous race to Cape Town had bigger seas with 8.5 metre waves and surfing at 20+ knots absolutely amazing. However, on saying that we have had our fair share of 'problem-solving opportunities', which sees us where we are now.

When we get to Fremantle we say goodbye to 11 people - three of them that have been with us from the start - Mark Edmonds, Brian Fields and Mitch. They will be missed and I wish them well for the future, and I hope that they each have gotten everything that they wanted out of this amazing adventure. As hard as it is at times (actually most of the time if you were really honest).

These boats are not built for comfort or to be accommodating, they are not even fast racing boats but on the whole, they are solid and take an absolute beating from us inexperienced ocean racers. And when we are doing everything right including the weather we have some amazing sailing experiences happening.

With these guys going, you think about what you are doing here and why are you here. For me and the rest of the RTW'ers, we still have another 12 races to go. When I went to the presentation over five years ago now I was sold on an experience that saw you tired, hungry, wet and cold. Big seas amazing skies, sunrises and sunsets, laughter and tears and to date it has certainly delivered all of that. I miss my husband who is on WTC Logistics and our boys and granddaughters, the rest of our family and friends. I miss the fun and laughter and all the good times that we have, but this race will all be over with before we know it and we will be back!

If I was truly honest most of the time, I really don't want to be here but now that I am here but I am here until the finish. There is still so much to see and experience, mother nature, the beautiful ever-changing colour of the ocean and the skies, the vastness of the water and the solitude.

To our supporters keep on watching us, we thank you and we are really trying hard and we will eventually have luck on our side to get the finish that we deserve.

Until next time, enjoy your home comforts ie clean sheets, stationary bed, table, knife and fork, oh don't forget the shower and clean dry clothes.

Luv to the Mad House from the Crazy Lady xoxo