Race 7 - Day 6
Crew Diary - Happy Leap Year Day
29 February

Bruce Anderson
Bruce Anderson
Team Unicef
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It’s 29th Feb so Happy Leap Year Day to you all (if there is such a thing and if it is actually called that). So far there have been no reports of marriage proposals from anyone’s girlfriend but then the day is not over. My lovely girlfriend has told me that I am “safe” this time as I am at sea so a bit difficult to get hold of. And to my old friend James, I wish you a Happy 14th Birthday, you don’t look a day over 56.

Our day, thus far, has been full of variety with winds big and small coming from all directions, particularly as we rounded marks Ward and Knox-Johnston. As we progress back towards Taiwan and on to Luzon for the return leg, the wind has swung round to follow and we are still beating upwind, though without the slamming swell. The cooler days have been quite welcome but now that we are heading back to the warmer latitudes (we peaked at 25 North), the shorts are back on and the warm gear is stowed. Estimations of when we will get into Subic Bay are varied but we all agree that we don’t really care, just as long as we get there first. The team have performed marvelously on this race, and we have all become more determined in our racing attitude, and much slicker with the sail changes. We are even performing better in our other duties, particularly “Uncle Bilge” (JD) who is at his happiest in the laz with a bucket and sponge.

Now everyone knows that key to a team’s success is diet and today threw up an unexpected treat. Bacon sandwiches. How did Angie manage to keep bacon hidden from us for six days? I can normally smell bacon, still in its packaging, from 20 miles away, in fact it is this heightened sense that we use to find out where the other Clipper Race boats are. I know where you are Qingdao and we are coming for you, and your bacon! Somehow Angie has mastered stealth mode for our bacon and she refuses to tell me what it is. Probably for the best. Bacon consumed, morale is topped up to maximum so let’s get this race won. Go Team Unicef!!!!!