Race 9 - Day 4
Crew Diary - Wife Beat’her’
13 March

Paul Widdowson
Paul Widdowson
Team WTC Logistics
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Friday the 13th and the day hasn’t started well. The Windseeker was being hoisted and got caught on a split pin sticking out on the port shrouds. The sad part of this is the pin was pointed out to me yesterday by Kaz and I bent it over and taped it up. Not too sure what caused it to be sticking out again, possibly the fore guy has rubbed past and bent the pin open again. Damage to the Windseeker is minimal with a small hole and a small rip about 200mm long. Laurance was quick to have the sail patched and is ready to fly again.

The sailing overnight was very trying with little or no wind. We had a good contest of sailing skill trying to out sail the four boats close to us, constantly checking the AIS for their speed and direction, wondering, have we made any gains or losses to them?

Today I’m on mother watch and I’m wearing my wife beater t-shirt (as they tell me, I’ve never heard of that saying before for a singlet) anyway I’m wearing it, not only is it very hot in the galley but I want to be a wife beater. Not in the physical sense as a wife basher but to beat my wife Dawn who is on Seattle. The last race into Subic Bay, they had managed to sneak over the line in front of us to give then an edge on the leaderboard fourth to third. I’m sure we will even the score after this race as they are about 5nm behind us at the moment and that is were they can stay.

Sorry Dawn, love you heaps but you are the opposition on the race track and will be treated as one of the enemy.

Just like to say hi to the grandees Peanut and Jellyfish, hope all is well at the madhouse. Will talk when we get in!

Off to make Tuna sandwiches for lunch, yummy not. Hope the wind picks up.