Race 15 - Day 4
Crew Diary - Ups and Downs
30 July

Smita Sinha
Smita Sinha
Team WTC Logistics
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Greetings from the North Sea WTC Logistics friends and fam! What a week! We have crammed in a lot of sailing with evolutions and sail changes – more than the whole Atlantic crossing for sure. It’s been a short and snappy race so far…

There have been many ups – we had ‘Wind hole Wednesday’ where we had marine wildlife in the form of pilot whales breaching just a few metres from our boat and fantastically playful dolphins riding our bow. With no wind available for sailing purposes, we had a few moments spare to brush up on our general knowledge with an impromptu Susie led pub quiz on deck...so we all know what the flag of Mauritania looks like now.

A few downs as well...after a dramatic race start we then found ourselves going upwind with Black Betty becoming a bucking bronco. Suffice to say that a few of us, including myself and some of the pros too, were ‘under the weather’ which I will forever know as ‘Black Monday’. Black Betty was a sad place to be that day. Thankfully most have recovered, and we are at the front of the pack behind Unicef. With Qingdao and Punta del Este nipping at our tail, we are pushing till the not so bitter end! The race might also be finished early so that we reach London in time to see all you fabulous folks, so we are all on the edge of our seats/safety tethers!

See you in London, can’t wait!

Love to my Benny and Nab x