Race 3 - Day 15
Crew Diary - RACE 3 DAY 15
06 November

Rodri Jones
Rodri Jones
Team Yacht Club Punta del Este
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It's 2:30 am, and I feel a jab in my ribs, thanks, Joe. It's time to get up for the 3 am watch change. I was dreaming crazy dreams of an old woman wearing lots of clothes in my old student house! We are all tired now, so sleep really heavily even though the boat is healed over and bouncing and crashing through waves. It's a familiar routine now, we have 20 minutes to get ready to take over from the watch and we can't be late. So, I reach out – and immediately put my hand into the cave tab - earplugs out and clothes on. I know exactly where everything is, but it's still a rush to get ready - for two reasons – one to get dressed when healed over is not easy, especially with a dry suit, and everyone else is trying to do the same in cramped conditions to be on time, secondly as you layer up, you get hotter, so need to get out on deck before you boil in your dry suit. I’m really glad I bought it though; it certainly looks after me on the foredeck as the waves crash over during sail changes. So up on to the deck and I head to the stern for some helming. Usually, spotting first and then helm. I love it. Steering the boat through the waves in the pitch black at 4 am when everyone else is asleep in a huge ocean, big inky black waves crashing left and right. Sometimes it feels like some crazy video game, but you have the responsibility of 23 people in your hands. Stay on course Rod, this is a race don’t forget!