Race 6 - Day 21
Crew Diary - Race 6 Day 21
12 February

Xiaobo Mu
Xiaobo Mu
Team Zhuhai
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CV28 Blog – Wednesday 12 February 2020.

Author: Mu.

Beside the ocean, there is a beautiful city in China, that’s Zhuhai and you’re always welcome there.

In the ocean, there’s a running boat, that’s Zhuang, our home for the sailing race. Around the boat, we have wind in the air above, and water in the sea under. Sailing is just the balance game between the wind, the water, and the boat, which is controlled by the crews. But you can never imagine how crazy it is unless you have been there.

As the wind presses the sails down, the boat will have a high side all above water, and a low side hidden in the water. Crew who own a bunk at low side will feel they live under the water, just like me. Everyday when I lie on my bunk, I can hear the water crashing through the outside of the boat 1cm away. Open my eyes to look at the sky through a small window, I can feel I’m not swimming.

When the boat knocks into the wave, the water may wash through the deck, or fly across the boat, or drop on the crews on deck, bring some natural salt. But the wind never wants the water to go back into the sea. It will make the water become smoke behind the sails, and fly high above. All these are the views only seamen can enjoy. Would you like to experience that?