Race 12 - Day 9
Crew Diary - Angela Brown - Race 12 Day 9
12 June

Angela Brown
Angela Brown
Team Zhuhai
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CV28 Crew Blog - Angela Brown - 12 June 2022 (Race 12 Day 9)

So my last blog was near the beginning of Leg 6 and at that stage, I really had no idea what I was letting myself in for. It was harsh and it was brutal, but we survived it.. However, I was left feeling very unsure about my ability to carry on to leg 7. But I am still here! Well, actually, at this point I am near the end of it, as we are about a day and a half away from Bermuda. That will be where I get off this rollercoaster of a journey and experience.

We have had some good sailing and lots of wind holes along the way. We have had the opportunity to appreciate the wildlife around us, with Leatherback Turtles floating by, and lots and lots of Dolphins, which I never get tired of. We also saw some Killer Whales yesterday which was a real treat but a bit unexpected in the Caribbean. Some creatures I am less fond of are the flying fish which land on deck - very smelly.. and the squished squid we found one morning as the sun was rising by the traveller - Yuk! We have seen amazing star filled skies, watched the moon rising and the sun setting, a unique experience each time.

I am glad that I carried on to Leg 7, it truly is a complete contrast to Leg 6. I also have the added bonus that I can sort of sail now and love being on the helm. I am actually quite good at it! I have been nicknamed the Limpet as it's sometimes difficult to get me off there. Nicknames and banter with my watch are part of the fun here, with lots of tear provoking, rib hurting laughter. A remedy at times for my pangs of homesickness. It's been a challenge being away from home since February. But being within a supportive group helps. It's been a real pleasure getting to know people I have crewed with better over the two legs and of course that includes Patrick our Skipper and James our AQP. Both who look out for us 24/7 which is a big responsibility. All will hold a special place in my heart. I am thankful for their time, care, and sharing special moments during this journey, as well as helping me through the harder times.

So as I prepare to step off at Bermuda to fly home, I am filled with joy, as I will soon see my lovely husband Simon, who has been so supportive and my wonderful daughter Amy, Oh! and lets not forget Marvin our wee Westie. I have made some friends and bonds which will be forever special. There are of course some things I may not miss; cleaning and using the heads springs to mind, as well as emptying the bilges whilst heeled over. But I am sure even those bits will become rose tinted over time. Ok maybe a long time!

To those that are staying on our boat or joining in Bermuda, I say look after each other, stay safe, and sail as hard as you can. Oh! and see you in Derry for a wee beer and catch up. Bye for now, Angela xxx