Latest Race 13: The Grange Hotels Trophy finish times and ETA’s in to New York

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It was a tight race to finish for the leading teams in Race 13:  The Grange Hotels Trophy with Henri Lloyd claiming first place at 14:25 UTC (10:25 local) today and GREAT Britain claiming second place at 16:54 UTC (12:54 local). OneDLL claimed the final podium position at 18:06 UTC (14:06 local time) after a tense jostle to the finish line with rivals Switzerland.

The Swiss entry completed the race at (19:17 UTC 15:17 local time).

The racing remains tight for the mid fleet pack and due to previous light weather conditions that saw the race course shortened and Invest Africa, Mission Performance, Team Garmin and Qingdao’s positions have been accepted.  As this is not a retirement but an offer of a place they will get one, two, three and four points respectively.

The current standings for Race 13: The Grange Hotels Trophy is:

1. Henri Lloyd – Saturday 31 May, 14:25 UTC
2. GREAT Britain - Saturday 31 May, 16:54 UTC
3. OneDLL - Saturday 31 May, 18:06 UTC 
4. Switzerland - Saturday 31 May, 19:17 UTC
5. Derry~Londonderry~Doire - Saturday 31 May, 23:25 UTC
6. Jamaica Get All Right - Sunday 1 June, 10:02 UTC
7. PSP Logistics - Sunday 1 June, 13:46 UTC 
9. Old Pulteney - Sunday 1 June, 14:46 UTC 
9. Mission Performance
10. Qingdao
11. Team Garmin
12. Invest Africa

To watch the final stage of Race 13: The Grange Hotels Trophy play out on the Race Viewer, CLICK HERE.

The Clipper Race fleet will berth at Liberty Landing Marina, New Jersey until 4 June when the entire fleet will transfer across the Hudson River to North Cove Marina, in the heart of New York’s Manhattan financial district. The ETAs for the fleet’s arrival are HERE.  

Race 14 to Derry Londonderry, Northern Ireland starts from NYC on 7 June, marking the start of Leg 8, the highly anticipated homecoming leg to London. 

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