A close race for points sees Scoring Gate victory for WTC Logistics

10 June 2022

Whilst battling frustrating wind conditions during tactical Race 12: Go To Bermuda, there has been another, intense competition for Scoring Gate points.

Scoring Gates are virtual gates where the first yacht to pass through secures three valuable bonus points, the second receives two and the third team is awarded one. These points are added to a team’s overall race points.

For this race, to the tropical destination of Bermuda, the 28nm Scoring Gate was positioned approximately 50nm west of the most direct track (rhumb line) and approximately 120nm north of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Race 12: Go To Bermuda started fast and furious but as the teams navigate the Caribbean islands, prevalent wind holes have also caused slow progress at times with the fleet starting to spread out from each other and shake up the race positions.

Says Mark Light, Clipper Race Director: “There was a great battle for the maximum three bonus points as WTC Logistics charged towards the gate with Visit Sanya, China emerging from the stealthiest of stealth moves, and popping up right on their tail. GoToBermuda completed the trio of teams racing their way towards the gate at a decent pace.”

The first to reach the scoring gate was WTC Logistics who crossed at 22:04:22 UTC last night, 8 June 2022, therefore taking the maximum three bonus points. The team was quickly followed by Visit Sanya, China who gained two bonus points when it crossed in second place at 22:53:47 UTC. Crossing the Scoring Gate in third place and claiming the final bonus point was home port team GoToBermuda who blasted across at 01:58:34 UTC this morning, 9 June.

With the belief his team had secured the sought-after points, Skipper Dan Jones of WTC Logistics reported today: “In an early celebration, Kaz and Rachael cooked a wonderful sponge cake now named 'Gate Cake' which was enjoyed by all as we loaded the last position report, crew crowded around the Nav station PC to see the update!”

Mark Light added: “Congratulations to Skipper Dan Jones, AQP Ineke van der Weijden and their team on board WTC Logistics, Skipper Mike Miller, AQP Mary Vaughan-Jones and the Visit Sanya, China team and Skipper David Immelman (Wavy), AQP Max Rivers, heading up the GoToBermuda team, as they excitingly near their team’s home port.

Shortly after the Scoring Gate, the teams will now compete in the Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint. Watch how the scramble for points shakes things up ahead of the final leg.

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