Meet the Clipper 2019-20 Race Crew: Sarah Worby

15 August 2019

Name: Sarah Worby

Age: 26

Occupation: Travel Consultant

Hometown: Epping Green, Essex

Leg: 8


Stepping into her Father’s footsteps, who raced in the previous two editions of the Clipper Race, Essex-born Sarah has signed up to sail in the homecoming stretch of the race across the Atlantic. This sought-after leg has crew queuing to sign up, stopping in Bermuda for the first time and then returning to Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland, the competition will be fierce as teams compete for the overall podium positions in the conclusion of the 2019-20 edition.

Sarah has the perfect attitude for someone facing around 22 days at sea with unpredictable conditions, as she enthuses: “I never knew how much I loved hard work! It has surprised me how much I have enjoyed broken sleep and confined living! Also, it is a huge challenge to be thrown in the deep end and retain everything your told, because your life really does depend on it. It’s inspired me to look for other challenges once I’ve done this too - it really has changed my perspective and it’s the coolest thing I think I’ll ever do.”

In the midst of her Clipper Race training programme, Sarah tells us how she has loved every second so far. Amongst the hard work, she has had a giggle with her teammates, she recalls waking up for the first time on the yacht in her first week of training a little bewildered to “loads of half naked men”. An eye-opener for how life will change drastically when living in a small space. Living with Sarah sounds like just what the team will need as she states her qualities being having a fantastic sense of humour and making great cups of tea at an angle, as experienced when she has sailed in the past.

Sarah currently sells super luxury holidays as her job so she couldn’t be embarking on a more contrasting lifestyle. The luxury Sarah would love to have on-board, if she could, is a gin and tonic for toasting the enviable sunsets she will witness. The first race of the Leg arrives into first time Host Port and Team Partner, Bermuda. Then the lively port city of Derry-Londonderry will be the second stop where no doubt she can raise a glass whilst enjoying the vibrant city which is home to the Maritime Festival. Over nine days, the award winning festival will offer up a plethora of exciting activities, including range of keynote events, live performances, visiting ships and boats, as well as water activities, food trails, and animated zones.

Following the stopover in Derry-Londonderry, the Race Crew will arrive back in London to friends and family. Sarah tells us her parents are at first a little nervous but also very supportive of her upcoming adventure, so no doubt an emotional reunion awaits. The incredible achievement will not only mean the world to Sarah but as part of the Unicef team, the efforts made by the crew to raise money for the charity will be making a huge difference. Sarah remarks: “I’m so excited to represent such an incredible charity. It’s also mind blowing how everyone has come together in so many ways to raise money. I feel very fortunate to be part of such a great team”.

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