Race 11, Day 10: Mission Performance and PSP Logistics battle for finish

10 June 2016

After a busy night of nine team arrivals,the NYC skyline still awaits Mission Performance, PSP Logistics and IchorCoal which are all still battling to complete the final few miles of this short but tough test from Panama.

Mission Performance is just 2.5NMs from the finish line after managing to overtake PSP Logistics overnight but with PSP just over a mile behind it is not yet certain who will take tenth place.

Earlier this morning in his daily race report, Skipper Greg Miller said: “As I write this we are 25NM from the finish line, with PSP Logistics breathing down our necks just 4.9NM behind us. The wind...as expected is coming from exactly where we want to get, surprise, surprise!”

PSP Logistics Skipper Max Stunell explains what led to allowing Mission Performance the opportunity to overtake at the final hurdle. He says: “It was a night of little sleep as we were hard on the wind into a steep sharp swell, racing neck and neck with Mission Performance. As the day continued the sea state got worse and as I made a headsail change, Mission Performance, who held the inside line, took advantage of the wind bend and drew ahead.

“Now we find ourselves agonisingly close to the finish line, adjusting to another wind shift and it has turned into a slow tacking match. The whole team is looking forward to New York after the 7,000 nautical miles we have covered since Seattle.”

One of the shortest races of the 14 stage Clipper Race series, Race 11: The LMAX Exchange RACE of THE AMERICAS has been a harder slog than expected, partly due to the racing being so tight meaning focus and attention has had to be maintained throughout.

Further behind in twelfth place, IchorCoal has 40NMs left to the finish line. The team slipped back a couple of days ago and despite choosing an inshore tack to try to find better winds, the team was unable to regain its lost miles.

Skipper Rich Gould said earlier: “Our run in shore has not paid off in any way and the difference between the weather we have and the weather the forecast shows is still quite substantial.

“With 70 nautical miles left to the finish the wind has just veered directly to the direction we need to go. The crew have worked tirelessly on this race but it seems that there is still some work to do yet.”

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