​Test your mixology skills for Bermuda Day

22 May 2020

Marking the start of summer, Bermuda Day will be observed on 29 May 2020.

Held annually, this Bermudian national holiday is a fun-filled celebration of its culture, marking over 400 years of history. The first Bermuda Day Parade was held in 1979, and whilst not taking place this year, locals and those around the world will be taking its party spirit and enjoying family celebrations at home

The day also marks the rise in water and air temperatures, signaling to Bermudians that it's acceptable to swim in the ocean. It’s also the first day when Bermuda shorts are worn as business attire!

So to celebrate, don your vibrant Bermuda shorts, grab the rum from the shelf, and mix one of the island’s two signature cocktails. Film yourself making either a Dark ‘n Stormy or Rum Swizzle, tag @ClipperRace and @Bermuda and the best will be featured on our socials.

For the perfect recipe visit gotobermuda.com.

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