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22 Dec 2016

Dan Smith appointed as new Deputy Race Director

The Clipper Race office is pleased to reveal it has appointed former Skipper Dan Smith as Deputy Race Director following his performance in the 2015-16 race. Dan, 36, from West Kilbride, Scotland, says: "I'm really excited to be taking on the role as Deputy Race Director. I completed my circumnavigation as Skipper in the Clipper 2015-16 Round the World Yacht…

12 Oct 2016

From the World’s Waters to Waterloo Station

Commuters across the UK will be coming face to face with Clipper 2015-16 Race crew at over 600 London Underground and national railway stations over the coming fortnight following the…

6 Oct 2016

Get Voting!

The Clipper Race website has been nominated for Best Sports Website of the Year in the MetrixLab Awards 2016 and it’s up to you to vote. The website has been…

23 Sep 2016

Global Partnerships

While the Clipper Race helps people achieve something remarkable by becoming an ocean racer, this is only one dimension of what we do; there is so much more that happens…

12 Sep 2016

Race of Their Lives 2 aired on Sky Sports

The Race of Their Lives 2, the documentary series following the Clipper 2015-16 Race will air on Sky Sports 5 in the UK from Monday 12 September at 2100 BST for the next seven weeks. The award winning documentary is being aired weekly for next seven weeks with scheduled repeats. Click here for the Sky Sports TV Guide. Episode 2…

9 Sep 2016

A Boat of His Own: Suhaili relaunched

For the past three years, whilst not travelling the world fulfilling his hands on role as Clipper Race Chairman, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has spent the bulk of his waking hours…

7 Sep 2016

One Month Later: Mia Hartwell Blog

Over a month has now passed since the end of the Clipper 2015-16 Race. For some that will feel like a lifetime ago, and for others mere moments. While armchair supporters could still be staring blankly at the Race Viewer at odd times of day or night out of habit, spare a thought for the crew members who might still…

31 Aug 2016

Calling all Adventurers Down Under: Crew Recruitment Tour

Over the next couple of weeks Della Parsons, our Crew Recruitment Manager and circumnavigator extraordinaire, is touring Australia and New Zealand searching for the next generation of adventurers to take…

30 Aug 2016

This day last year…

Around St Katharine Docks, the air was full of nervous energy and a sense of anticipation as the Clipper 2015-16 Race crew said goodbye to the thousands of well-wishers that…

25 Aug 2016

Life Behind the Lens: The Clipper Race Cameraman

If you follow the Clipper Race you will likely have watched some of the YouTube videos or seen episodes of the recently award winning race documentary Race of Their Lives…

24 Aug 2016

Elliot Brown watch passes toughest test on Clipper Race

In July last year the Clipper 2015-16 Round the World Yacht Race’s Official Timekeeper, Elliot Brown, mounted a watch to the mast of one of our Clipper 70s. Incredibly after…

16 Aug 2016


Our international television series The Race of Their Lives 2 has picked up a prestigious award as ‘Best Documentary Series-UK’ in the industry TMT Media Awards 2016 announced today. The…

9 Aug 2016

IchorCoal Clipper 2015-16 Race Highlights

On day two of showcasing each Clipper Race team’s highlights we feature IchorCoal. The strength of spirit and sense of togetherness displayed by the IchorCoal crew throughout the Clipper 2015-16…

3 Aug 2016

Clipper 70 fleet returns to Gosport

More than eleven months since departing the Clipper Race HQ Gosport, the Clipper 70s have returned to the marina where the adventure started for many of the crew last August.…

1 Aug 2016

Round the World Crew Celebrate Circumnavigation

On Saturday, 103 members of our Clipper 2015-16 Race crew joined an elite club of people who have sailed around the world when they returned to London after their 41,135…

31 Jul 2016


Following the spectacular scenes of the Clipper 2015-16 Race Finish celebrations in London, the Race Village remains in full swing today and opportunities to tour a Clipper 70 yacht will…

30 Jul 2016

Clipper Race prizes awarded at London ceremony

The Clipper 2015-16 Race prizes have been awarded at a ceremony in St Katharine Docks following the conclusion of the global series in London. First, the pennants were awarded for…

30 Jul 2016

Clipper Race fleet performs Parade of Sail on River Thames

The Clipper Race fleet has performed a colourful Parade of Sail on the River Thames in London this morning after completing Race 14 and the full 40,000 nautical mile circumnavigation…

29 Jul 2016

​LMAX Exchange confirmed as winner of the Clipper 2015-16 Race title

LMAX Exchange, Skippered by Frenchman Olivier Cardin, is confirmed tonight as winner of the tenth edition of the Clipper Race. The team’s victory comes despite finishing the final race of…

29 Jul 2016

​Race 14 Day 1: Constant trimming, little sleep in final battle for points and positions

A tight battle in the final denouement of the circumnavigation is playing out across the fleet, with constant trimming and little sleep in the North Sea. After a downwind start…

29 Jul 2016

Clipper Race finale this weekend in London

As the Clipper Race fleet prepares to race the final miles of its eleven month-long adventure, preparations for the London’s St Katharine Docks celebrations on Saturday 30 July are well…

28 Jul 2016

Finale of Clipper Race starts in The Netherlands

The finale of the Clipper Race, Race 14 to London, has started from Den Helder in The Netherlands. After a Departure Ceremony from Willemsoord Marina and a Parade of Sail…

28 Jul 2016

Race 14, Den Helder to London, starts today

The final race of the global circumnavigation series, Race 14 from Den Helder to London, starts today in The Netherlands. It’s going to be one of the most nail-biting yet…

26 Jul 2016

Last chance to win Stormhoek Social Spirit Award

In two days’ time the 14th and final stage of the Clipper 2015-16 Race gets underway from Den Helder to London with all positions still to be decided in the…

24 Jul 2016

Race 13 prizes awarded in Den Helder

The prizes have been awarded for Race 13, the Den Helder Northern Seas Challenge, at a ceremony at Willemsoord Marina in The Netherlands. The three podium teams took to the…

22 Jul 2016

Den Helder Race 13 arrivals complete

As Visit Seattle, PSP Logistics and Da Nang – Viet Nam celebrated their podium finishes in Race 13, the Den Helder Northern Seas Challenge, arrivals are now complete following the…

21 Jul 2016

Race 13 Day 4: Teams vie for vital positions as westerlies power them towards finish line

Tensions are mounting across the fleet in this penultimate race with every team knowing that positions into Den Helder could prove pivotal in the final race standings. Until this morning…

21 Jul 2016

​Race 12 Penalty Points

Given the intense battle for final positions as we approach the Clipper 2015-16 Race Finish in London on 30 July, the penalty points for Leg 8 are being allocated on…

21 Jul 2016

ETAs into Den Helder

Every position in the Den Helder Northern Seas Challenge is still up for grabs with the fleet tightly bunched heading for the finish line. Click here for the schedule of…

20 Jul 2016

Race 13 Day 3: Squalls, lightning and a lot of pressure

The fleet is contending with squalls, lightning and navigating the North Sea oil rigs, and with the lead changing multiple times in the last 24 hours, the pressure is intense.…

19 Jul 2016

Henri Lloyd Seamanship Award Shortlist Announced

The shortlist of eight nominees for the Henri Lloyd Seamanship Award is now in and race fans are encouraged to register their support and ‘Like’ their favourite candidate on the…

19 Jul 2016

Race 13 Day 2: Overhauling, foul tides and mixed fortunes

Light, patchy winds and the strong tidal conditions north of Scotland are testing nerves and patience as the teams battle to clear notorious Pentland Firth and make it out into…

18 Jul 2016

​Race 13 Day 1: Tight racing with all to play for

Day 1 of the Den Helder Northern Seas Challenge and racing is extremely tight, with positions changing regularly as the teams focus on constant trimming off the Hebrides. Race 13…

17 Jul 2016

Race 13: The Den Helder Northern Seas Challenge Starts

The Clipper Race teams have started Race 13: The Den Helder Northern Seas Challenge, knowing all is still to fight for in the battle for the overall podium. With a…

17 Jul 2016

Clipper Race departs Derry-Londonderry

Following an action-packed ten day stopover in Derry-Londonderry, the Clipper Race crew has departed the Foyle Marina for their penultimate challenge - Race 13: The Den Helder Northern Seas Challenge,…

16 Jul 2016

Live Stream: The Voyage of Sunniva

The River Foyle will be transformed into a magical, mythical stage tonight as the Clipper Race fleet takes the lead role in the theatrical finale to the Foyle Maritime Festival…

15 Jul 2016

​Preview: Race 13, the Den Helder Northern Seas Challenge starts tomorrow

The Clipper Race fleet is preparing for the penultimate race of the series, Race 13, the Den Helder Northern Seas Challenge from Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland to Den Helder, the Netherlands.…

15 Jul 2016

Jean-Christophe Novelli Cooks up a Storm at Clipper Race Kitchens

Waves the size of houses and hurricane force winds make the Clipper Race one of the toughest endurance challenges on the planet, but for some crew it’s life below deck,…

15 Jul 2016

​Like mother like daughter: Meet the Crockers

It’s not every day that you race against your family, but for mother and daughter duo Linda and Sophie Crocker, the past 10 months have been extremely competitive as they…

13 Jul 2016

City provides LegenDerry reception at Race 12 Prize-Giving event

Derry-Londonderry’s Guildhall Square turned purple tonight as city residents came out to support the LegenDerry Finale Prize Giving. From the Playhouse, the Clipper Race crew created a rainbow in their…

13 Jul 2016

Get on board our open boats in Derry-Londonderry

Join us today at Foyle Marina and step on board the Clipper 70 yachts to receive a free personal yacht tour from crew members who have competed in this unique…

10 Jul 2016

Visitors flock to the 2016 Foyle Maritime Festival on opening weekend

Thousands of people have been descending on the banks of the River Foyle to mark the opening of the Foyle Maritime Festival which runs until 17 July, with the colourful…

8 Jul 2016

Remaining team arrivals complete Race 12: The Legenderry Finale

With seven teams already in port, the remaining five teams have arrived this morning to complete the fleet at Foyle Marina, Derry Londonderry. IchorCoal arrived in just after 0200 after…

8 Jul 2016

ETAs into Derry-Londonderry

The Clipper Race fleet is closing in on Derry-Londonderry ahead of the start of the Foyle Maritime Festival. The finish line to the LegenDerry Finale is approximately a 3 hour…

7 Jul 2016

​Race 12 Day 17: Low pressure system for teams in closing stages

A low pressure system delivering lots of squalls is over the teams still at sea and headed south east towards Northern Ireland having cleared the Rockall mark of the course.…

6 Jul 2016

​Race 12 Day 16: LMAX Exchange on course for sixth overall race win

LMAX Exchange is on course for victory today after a fierce battle with Derry~Londonderry~Doire overnight, with positions changing often before the overall race leader managed to squeeze a two nautical…

5 Jul 2016

Race 12 Day 15: Can Derry~Londonderry~ Doire hold on for a home port victory?

With 175 nautical miles remaining in the LegenDerry Finale, Derry~Londonderry~Doire is leading the race to its home port once again, but with only 7.5NM between the front three teams as…

4 Jul 2016

“I have learnt a lot about responsibility”

After ten months of anticipation and having never sailed before training for the race, South Africans Siphamandla ‘Superman’ Ngcobo (23) and Sakhile ‘King’ Makhanya (22) are now racing more than…

4 Jul 2016

Race 12 Day 14: Frustrations kick in with easing winds

After setting a blistering pace across the Atlantic, some of the teams in the LegenDerry Finale have found themselves all but grind to a halt in the light winds off…

3 Jul 2016

Race 12 Day 13: Teams toy with tactics around Tory Island

Rounding Tory Island is causing a conundrum for the Clipper Race teams as changeable winds lead to a variation in tactics which, after the first three boats, is already mixing…

3 Jul 2016

UPDATE: Race 12 Course Extension

UPDATE 2230UTC SUNDAY 3 JULY 2016 Due to planned missile firing tests by the Navy the mark at St Kilda has been removed and a new one inserted at Rathlin…

2 Jul 2016

Race 12 Day 12: Weather getting complicated in closing stages

After blasting across the North Atlantic in Race 12, The LegenDerry Finale, the weather forecasting is getting a little ‘complicated’ according to Clipper Race and Great Britain Olympic Sailing Team…

1 Jul 2016

Race 12 Day 11: Derry~Londonderry~ Doire leads Ocean Sprint to home port

In the last 24 hours, seven teams have completed the Ocean Sprint course in the LegenDerry Finale, in a bid to pick up the final bonus points on offer in…

30 Jun 2016

Party Time for Team with Most Social Spirit

With three races left to complete it means there are three more chances for teams to win the Stormhoek Social Spirit Award and our Official Wine Partner is offering a…

30 Jun 2016

​Race 12 Day 10:  Teams enjoy strong westerlies at start of Ocean Sprint

The fleet is enjoying strong westerly winds of 15 to 20 knots as it heads east in the North Atlantic Ocean on day 10 of The LegenDerry Finale to Derry-Londonderry.…

30 Jun 2016

Unicef in Ireland and the UK: giving young people a voice

After 11 months racing the world’s oceans, the concluding finish line is in sight and a glorious homecoming awaits for the race’s intrepid crew. During its 40,000 nautical mile journey,…

29 Jun 2016

​Race 12 Day 9: Brakes off as westerly propels fleet forward

A strong westerly served up by the Azores High is propelling the yachts forward after a frustrating few days of light airs from the same high in the North Atlantic…

28 Jun 2016

Race 12 day 8: Mixed fortunes for fleet as Atlantic High causes pain

The frontrunners have managed to escape the grasp of the light winds associated with the ridge of the Azores High, but the back of the fleet is still suffering in…

27 Jun 2016

Race 12 Day 7: Will there be a successful North Atlantic High Escape Artist?

A wind hole at the centre of the North Atlantic High could engulf the fleet today, with weather reports and tactics being analysed carefully on day 7 of The LegendDerry…

26 Jun 2016

Race 12 Day 6: Teams battle for speed as they turn north towards Derry-Londonderry

The brakes have been put on the rollercoaster ride for now after the teams made the turn north around the Ice Box perimeter and now find themselves caught in the…

25 Jun 2016

​Race 12 Day 5: Could blistering progress slow as fleet prepares to head north?

It has been another fantastic day’s progress in the North Atlantic. 30 knots of wind from the south-southwest, sun, and current has seen teams blast reaching and reporting record runs…

24 Jun 2016

Race 12 Day 4: Split fortunes as Atlantic storm divides fleet

A dramatic Atlantic storm stalled progress for some teams yesterday, widening the margin between the front and back of the fleet, and it is the boats to the south which…

23 Jun 2016

IchorCoal diverting to Halifax, Canada

Update: 24/06/2016 Deputy Race Director Mark Light has just provided the following update: "We can confirm that the helicopter medevac of Chris Drummond has been successful and completed at 0914UTC…

23 Jun 2016

Race 12 Day 3: Gulf Stream rodeo delivers more exhilarating progress for fleet

It has been another thrilling day in the Atlantic as 30 to 50 knot winds, plus an added push from the Gulf Stream, create truly exhilarating sailing conditions, epic surfs…

22 Jun 2016

Crew Catchup: Meet St Katharine Docks Neighbours and Teammates Tom and Marta

As the teams compete in this final, Atlantic Homecoming Leg of the race, some crew be headed a little closer to home than others. Once back in London, many will…

22 Jun 2016

Race 12 Day 2: Atlantic Ocean delivers baptism of fire as wind shift provides challenge

The luxury of New York is now a fading memory after a wind shift in the Atlantic Ocean delivered an early challenge for the Clipper Race fleet. Team focus and…

21 Jun 2016

Race 12 Day 1: Drag race start for final ocean crossing of series

The Atlantic Homecoming Leg is underway and after the first twelve hours, just 5 nautical miles currently separate the first eleven teams in the Clipper 2015-16 Race’s final ocean crossing.…

20 Jun 2016

Race 12, the ‘LegenDerry Finale’ officially starts

Race 12, the ‘LegenDerry Finale’ to Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland, has officially started following the fleet’s departure from New York this morning. Following a Ceremony and Parade of Sail in front…

20 Jun 2016

Fleet departs New York for LegenDerry Finale

The Clipper Race fleet has departed New York after a spectacular Parade of Sail past the Statue of Liberty as it motors towards the Race 12 start line. The LegenDerry…

20 Jun 2016

The LegenDerry Finale starts today

Race 12, the LegenDerry Finale to Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland, starts today from New York. The crew depart Liberty Landing Marina this morning local time on the first of three races…

17 Jun 2016

​Local Alumni crew welcome teams in New York

“I love that the race keeps coming to New York. Every year I go down to the marina to see the boats and meet some of the crew and I…

17 Jun 2016

Crew Changeover: Meet Tony Griffiths

As the Leg 8 crew prepare for their challenge across the Atlantic towards Derry-Londonderry, Den Helder and the glory of the race finale in London today, we caught up with…

16 Jun 2016

Clipper Race Founders Ring Nasdaq Stock Exchange Opening Bell in NYC

Clipper Ventures co-founders William Ward and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston had the honour of ringing the Opening Bell at the Nasdaq Stock Market in Times Square this morning to celebrate the…

16 Jun 2016

​Firemen’s lift for IchorCoal victuallers

The story behind the picture gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘fireman’s lift’. For IchorCoal crew members Lizzie Tricks and Davina Watson, what was meant to be a…

15 Jun 2016

Voting open: The Henri Lloyd Seamanship Award

An honour every team hopes to win, nominations for the Henri Lloyd Clipper Race Seamanship Award open today. In recognition of the extreme challenges faced by the crew, both as…

15 Jun 2016

The LegenDerry Finale awaits Crew

On Monday 20 June the Clipper Race fleet will set sail for three-time Host Port Derry-Londonderry in Northern Ireland in the 3120 nautical mile LegenDerry Finale from New York. The…

14 Jun 2016

New York Prize-giving

With the Manhattan skyline forming a stunning backdrop at sunset the prize-giving ceremony for Races 10 and 11 took place at Liberty Landing Marina following the conclusion of The LMAX…

11 Jun 2016

Bike vs Boat: Simon Parker completes 3,750 mile Clipper Race cycle challenge

“Worn out but absolutely ecstatic.” The emotion on Simon Parker’s face and in his voice is clear as he finally arrives into Liberty Landing Marina. Like his fellow Clipper Race…

10 Jun 2016

Clipper Race arrivals complete in New York

All of the Clipper Race fleet is now in Liberty Landing Marina after a busy day of arrivals into the Big Apple. Having crossed the LMAX Exchange - RACE of…

10 Jun 2016

Race 11, Day 10: Mission Performance and PSP Logistics battle for finish

After a busy night of nine team arrivals, the NYC skyline still awaits Mission Performance, PSP Logistics and IchorCoal which are all still battling to complete the final few miles…

9 Jun 2016

Race 11 Day 9: Variable conditions guarantee nail biting finale

The closing stages of The LMAX Exchange – RACE of THE AMERICAS is turning into an incredibly tough finale. In contrast to the strong winds of Tropical Storm Colin, light,…

9 Jun 2016

ETAs into New York

The Clipper Race fleet has made great progress so far in the LMAX Exchange - RACE of THE AMERICAS and with the longer term forecast looking good, giving the fleet…

8 Jun 2016

World Oceans Day: Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet

The oceans provide us with endless opportunities for adventure and exploration, moments of wonder, inspiration and happiness, and of course, without them there would be no Clipper Race. So it’s…

8 Jun 2016

Bike VS Boat across USA: The Final Test

As the Clipper Race fleet covers the remaining nail biting miles of the US Coast to Coast Leg, it is not just the crew at sea who are giving it…

8 Jun 2016

Race 11, Day 8: Tropical Storm Colin Packs Punch for Fleet

Tropical Storm Colin blasted over the fleet, packing a little more punch than forecasted yesterday. Winds gusting 70 knots, and exhilarating surfing speeds into the high 20s, provided a thrilling…

7 Jun 2016

Race 11 Day 7: Fleet prepares for Tropical Storm Colin to hit as battle heats up

The battle between Garmin and ClipperTelemed+ has intensified at the top of the leaderboard, with ClipperTelemed+ now ahead by less than 7 nautical miles. However, a shakeup of the leaderboard…

6 Jun 2016

​Race 11 Day 6: Garmin maintains narrow lead over ClipperTelemed+ approaching Ocean Sprint

Garmin is holding a narrow 8 nautical mile lead over ClipperTelemed+ in the final 650 NMs of the race to New York on Day 6 of the LMAX Exchange –…

5 Jun 2016

​Race 11 Day 5: Garmin victorious at Scoring Gate, claiming three points

Garmin has taken the lead over former race leader ClipperTelemed+, as the intense fight to be first into New York continues on day 5 of the LMAX Exchange – RACE…

4 Jun 2016

Race 11, Day 4: Snakes and ladders style fortune shakes up Race 11 positions

The past 24 hours played out like a game of snakes and ladders for the Clipper Race fleet as tactics and a healthy roll of good or bad fortune through…

3 Jun 2016

​Race 11 Day 3: A busy day of evolutions and trimming in light airs

The last 24 hours has seen a trimming battle and lots of sail evolutions across the fleet as the teams fight to clear the Windward Passage in extremely light winds.…

2 Jun 2016

Unicef crew gives Panamanian youths a taste of life at sea

As our international crew members take on the challenge of the world’s oceans, they are raising awareness and funds for children across the globe who are facing their own challenges…

2 Jun 2016

​Race 11 Day 2: Neck and neck in fight to clear Windward Passage

Just 0.6 nautical miles separate the top three teams as they navigate towards the Windward Passage which connects the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. The seas have reduced, the…

1 Jun 2016

​Race 11 Day 1: Quick off the mark as Trade Winds power fleet along

The teams are making good speeds close hauled in steady easterly Trade Winds in the first 24 hours of the LMAX Exchange – RACE of THE AMERICAS to New York.…

1 Jun 2016

Next Stop New York!

From sleepless in Seattle to the city that never sleeps, after transiting the Panama Canal the teams are now racing to the bright lights of New York in Race 11:…

31 May 2016

LMAX Exchange – RACE of THE AMERICAS is Underway

After a delayed start due to light winds, Race 11, the LMAX Exchange – RACE of THE AMERICAS got underway at 1208 UTC on Tuesday 31 May. Following a successful…

30 May 2016


UPDATED at 2300 UTC on Monday 30 May Due to continued light wind the Race Office has decided to postpone the start of Race 11, The LMAX Exchange - RACE…

29 May 2016

Cycle versus sail: Simon Parker’s American adventure continues

One direct flight will take you from China to the UK in less than a day. But where’s the fun in that when you can make the 15,000 journey by…

28 May 2016

“I want to grow and have an impact on someone’s life” Meet Lerato Masombuka

Lerato ‘Bridgette’ Masombuka grew up in a small township of Zithobeni situated in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Brought up by her grandmother and then later her aunt, Lerato was raised…

27 May 2016

Final arrivals in Panama

The Clipper Race fleet is now complete in Panama after Mission Performance, Da Nang-Viet Nam, Visit Seattle and PSP Logistics arrived on Friday morning (local time). GREAT Britain, Garmin and…

27 May 2016

Race 11 The LMAX Exchange - RACE of THE AMERICAS

The LMAX Exchange – RACE of THE AMERICAS from Panama to New York is due to get underway on Monday 30 May with a Le Mans start. At 1930 nautical…

27 May 2016

Race Finish Spectator Boat Tickets on sale today!

Tickets for the Official Spectator Boats for the Clipper Race finish are now on sale. In 10 weeks’ time, the 12-strong Clipper Race fleet will cross the final finish line…

26 May 2016

Leg 6 Penalty Points

The Race Committee has announced the penalty points for the Race 9 Seattle Pacific Challenge from Qingdao, China to Seattle, USA. During Leg 6, the fleet spent approximately four weeks…

26 May 2016

ETAs to Panama and Canal transit info

The Clipper Race fleet are currently heading for Panama ahead of the transit of the Panama Canal, below are the latest ETAs. ETAs to Panama (-5 UTC). ClipperTelemed+ - In…

25 May 2016

Further arrivals as first group begin Panama Canal transit

IchorCoal and Qingdao arrived in Panama on Wednesday morning (local time) as ClipperTelemed+ , Unicef and Derry~Londonderry~Doire begin the transit of the Panama Canal. Look out for them going through…

25 May 2016

Unicef in North America: Giving schoolchildren the power to save lives

As the fleet begins to transit the Panama Canal and experience one of the engineering wonders of the world, they will voyage through the tropical heat and squalls of the…

24 May 2016

First yachts arrive in Panama ahead of canal transit

LMAX Exchange and Unicef have joined ClipperTelemed+ and Derry~Londonderry~Doire in Panama today after completing the PSP Logistics Panama Cup. ClipperTelemed+ and Derry~Londonderry~Doire arrived on Tuesday morning (local time) ahead of…

24 May 2016

Crew gets creative with PSP Logistics photo competition

As the Clipper Race fleet motors to and through the Panama Canal, the Race 10 sponsor PSP Logistics has set the teams a task to test their creativity with a…

23 May 2016

​Next stop Panama

It’s full steam ahead to Panama for four of the Clipper Race fleet after a successful pit stop in Banana Bay Marina, Costa Rica, to refuel ahead of the canal…

20 May 2016

Social Spirit Powers Teams to Panama

The power of social spirit and an optimistic outlook on board has been shining out of the Clipper Race teams in the PSP Logistics Panama Cup. They’ve been sweating under…

20 May 2016


Day 21 in the PSP Logistics Panama Cup and Race 10 draws to a close after the Race Committee announced yesterday that the compulsory Remedios Gate would be the finish…

20 May 2016


Today marks 50 days until the Clipper Race fleet arrives in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland, to conclude a 3-race, 6-year, relationship which has seen its transformation as the UK’s first City…

19 May 2016

Another ‘crazy’ day on the Clipper Race

Day 20 in the PSP Logistics Panama Cup and Race 10 appears to be slipping into slow motion as the leading teams tackle the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) –…

18 May 2016

Race 10 Day 19: 0.1 nautical mile between podium positions after 3000NM of racing

While the teams behind continue to chase the leaders, the PSP Logistics Panama Cup has once again got even tighter among the front four boats. With LMAX Exchange still in…

18 May 2016

British sailors unite to support Sailing is GREAT for Unicef

It is no secret, at the Clipper Race we really, really love sailing and British ocean racing legends Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Dee Caffari MBE and Ian Walker are all throwing…

17 May 2016

Race 10 Day 18: Leaders feel the heat as fleet puts pressure on in PSP Logistics Panama Cup sweatfest

The scorching, calm tropics continue to test the nerves of the Clipper Race fleet, and leaders LMAX Exchange and ClipperTelemed+ are beginning to feel added heat from some of the…

16 May 2016

Race 10 Day 17: Battle for lead heats up between leaders LMAX Exchange and ClipperTelemed+

The battle for the lead position in The PSP Logistics Panama Cup is reaching boiling point in terms of both temperature and stakes. LMAX Exchange passed the second compulsory gate…

15 May 2016

Race 10 Day 16: Forecast squalls set to liven up the Doldrums

As the PSP Logistics Panama Cup continues, life in the Doldrums is frustrating the teams regardless of their position in the fleet, with one team covering as little as 35…

14 May 2016

Race 10: Day 15: Visit Seattle smash Ocean Sprint record for PSP Logistics Panama Cup

On a frustratingly hot, calm Friday 13th for most of the fleet, Visit Seattle had all the luck and smashed the Ocean Sprint record for Race 10: The PSP Logistics…

13 May 2016

Race 10 Day 14: IchorCoal sets time to beat in Ocean Sprint

Half of the fleet has completed the Ocean Sprint course with IchorCoal setting the fastest time so far of 14 hours 21 minutes, a mere 27 minutes faster than Qingdao…

12 May 2016

Race 10 Day 13: Let the battle commence for bonus points in Ocean Sprint

Once again, bonus points are up for grabs as the Clipper Race fleet approaches the Ocean Sprint start line at 17 and a half degrees north. Two points are on…

11 May 2016

Race 10 Day 12: Teams work to escape the Doldrums’ grasp

The lead has shifted once again in the PSP Logistics Panama Cup with ClipperTelemed+ now in pole position followed by IchorCoal and Unicef . However, as the frontrunners approach the…

10 May 2016

Race 10 Day 11: Fluky winds forecast is next test for fleet

2000 nautical miles and eleven days into the PSP Logistics Panama Cup the frontrunners are rounding the tip of Cabo San Lucas with their eyes now firmly on the Ocean…

9 May 2016

Unicef and ClipperTelemed+ win their first bonus points

At 1043 UTC Unicef was the first team to pass through the Scoring Gate in the PSP Logistics Panama Cup to take the maximum three points on offer. Skipper Martin…

9 May 2016

Race 10 Day 10: Sprint for bonus points at Scoring Gate

As some teams search for stronger winds, the leading boats are within hours of passing through the Scoring Gate and snatching those vital bonus points. Unicef, ClipperTelemed+, LMAX Exchange and…

8 May 2016


Despite lighter airs some good downwind racing under spinnaker has continued with a number of match races between duelling teams now heading for the Scoring Gate, around 250nM south. LMAX…

7 May 2016

Race 10 Day 8: Teams push hard ahead of light winds

Day 8 of the PSP Logistics Panama Cup and all the teams have been taking advantage of great downwind sailing under their spinnakers as temperatures rise and shorts are shaken…

6 May 2016

Race 10 Day 7: IchorCoal reaps reward from early gamble out west

For the first time in the PSP Logistics Panama Cup IchorCoal has taken the lead in this tenth race of fourteen in the global series. Several days ago, the South-African…

5 May 2016

Life as an ocean racer

On the Mighty Pacific leg we hosted two Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation (ASSF) youth ambassadors. The opportunity was donated by Clipper Race founder and chairman, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston to ASSF,…

5 May 2016

Race 10 Day 6: Tack Exchange keeps teams busy in East Pacific Spaghetti Junction

Despite the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and the possible options for the fleet in terms of inshore and offshore racing en route to Central America, the majority of the…

4 May 2016

Race 10 Day 5: ClipperTelemed+ catches fleet as wind fills in and racing tightens

Having avoided the wind hole that held the rest of the teams captive yesterday, ClipperTelemed+ made good speed and now finds itself back in the mix with the rest of…

3 May 2016

​Race 10 Day 4: Frustrations build as light airs descend on fleet

A pressure system approximately 100 miles off the Californian coast has the Clipper Race teams battling in light airs, as they search for every advantage with wind speeds dropping to…

2 May 2016

Race 10 Day 3: Gybe ballet continues as wind eases

Day 3 of Race 10 and the PSP Logistics Panama Cup has seen a continuation of great downwind racing although conditions are starting to become lighter this morning (UTC) produced…

1 May 2016


Race 10, the PSP Logistics Panama Cup, has had a highly competitive first full day of racing in good downwind conditions from north westerly winds following yesterday’s Le Mans start.…

30 Apr 2016

Race 10 Day 1: Race is on to Panama after Le Mans start

UPDATED at 1430 UTC ClipperTelemed+ commenced racing at 1050 UTC having completed the necessary repairs to the mast track and is now in pursuit of the fleet in the race…

30 Apr 2016

Le Mans Start for PSP Logistics Panama Cup

UPDATE: PSP Logistics Panama Cup started at 0320 UTC (2020 local time) with a Le Mans start procedure. Ash Skett, skipper of Garmin, reported: "All went smoothly and it was…

29 Apr 2016

Seattle activities round up: Pro Am, Urban Trek and more

Seattle welcomed the fleet with open arms as a first-time Team Sponsor and Host Port, and whilst the crew were in town they took part in a variety of events…

28 Apr 2016

Fleet departs Seattle in Parade of Sail

The teams have departed Bell Harbor, Seattle, and have been putting on a show in front of crowds watching the Parade of Sail from Seattle Waterfront. A news helicopter and…

28 Apr 2016

​Seattleite Larry Garner ready to set sail

As the fleet prepares to bid farewell to the city of Seattle, for local Seattleite Larry Garner, this day has been a long time coming. Today, Larry will board his…

28 Apr 2016

Race 10, the PSP Logistics Panama Cup, starts today

The race crews are preparing to sail back out into the North Pacific Ocean from Seattle at the start of Race 10, the PSP Logistics Panama Cup today. The fleet…

27 Apr 2016

Seattle celebrity chef cooks for Clipper Race victuallers

This week, Seattle celebrity chef Ethan Stowell cooked for some of the Clipper Race victuallers while finding out more about the tough task of buying, managing and cooking food during…

24 Apr 2016

From South Africa to Seattle in the battle against HIV/AIDS

“It is great to be here and have the opportunity to tell my story,” says 23-year-old Boitumelo ‘Charlotte’ Malia, an orphan who lost her parents when she was a child.…

23 Apr 2016

Visit Seattle explores the city

The Emerald City has extended a warm welcome to our intrepid race crews, providing an eclectic mix of hospitality and entertainment to celebrate the fleet’s arrival, having completed the crossing…

22 Apr 2016

Get on board our open boats in Seattle today

The Clipper Race fleet has arrived at Bell Harbor Marina, Seattle, WA having completed the Seattle Pacific Challenge from Qingdao, China. Join us at today at Pier 66 and step…

22 Apr 2016

Feature: Sir Robin

In a very personal interview with The Huffington Post UK editor-in-chief Stephen Hull, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston talks about fear, the universe and living life as one of the UK’s most…

22 Apr 2016

Pennants awarded at Seattle Pacific Challenge Prizegiving

As the sun began to set behind Mount Rainier, teams gathered at Seattle Aquarium for the top honours for the Seattle Pacific Challenge prizes. Derry~Londonderry~Doire , Unicef and LMAX Exchange…

21 Apr 2016

Power Supply

“It’s key to have the right sail up at the right time. The Clipper 70 is huge so changing a sail is not a quick process and you need to…

19 Apr 2016


Following the arrival of IchorCoal into Seattle last night (local time), Clipper Race chairman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and skipper Darren Ladd have met with the team this morning to cover…

19 Apr 2016

IchorCoal arrives into Seattle

IchorCoal has arrived into Seattle, docking at Bell Harbor Marina at 2100 local time. Crews from all teams clapped and cheered the team in from aboard their boats. Skipper Darren…

19 Apr 2016

ETAs into Seattle, USA

The Clipper Race will visit Seattle, USA for the first time in the race's history with the twelve-strong fleet berthing at Bell Harbor Marina. Due to busy shipping lanes on…

18 Apr 2016

PSP Logistics first of final three teams into Seattle

PSP Logistics has arrived into Seattle after completing the mighty Pacific Ocean crossing. The team, led by Max Stunell, finished Race 9, the Seattle Pacific Challenge, in tenth place, after…

17 Apr 2016

IchorCoal accepts eleventh place

Due to light winds currently being experienced by IchorCoal the team has accepted eleventh place so it can motor-sail to make best speed to Seattle, making an ETA between 2000-2100…

17 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 28: Visit Seattle beats PSP Logistics to finish line

Home port entry Visit Seattle has crossed the finish line of the Seattle Pacific Challenge, pipping rival PSP Logistics in the final stages in light conditions. The team will arrive…

16 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 27: Sleepless to Seattle

The Emerald City beckons for the remaining teams completing the Seattle Pacific Challenge. But with high pressure building over the coast there could be a sleepless night ahead (local time)…

15 Apr 2016

​Seattle Alumni crew welcome fleet to city

“As the Clipper Race fleet makes its way to Seattle across the gruelling North Pacific, it gives me a chance to re-live the glory days of circumnavigating and winning the…

15 Apr 2016

Unicef in Central America: Protecting the rights of vulnerable children

Leg 6, the Seattle Pacific Challenge sees the fleet arriving to west coast USA, after almost a month at sea. But the Clipper Race fleet isn’t the only group heading…

15 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 26: Five teams still competing in Seattle Pacific Challenge

As the five teams still racing in the Seattle Pacific Challenge tick off the miles to the Emerald City, more moderate weather is allowing them to catch their breath for…

15 Apr 2016

Seattle Race Office now open

For those crew, friends, family and sponsors in Seattle, these instructions on how to find the Race Office may come in handy. The address is: Suite 200 of the World…

14 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 25: Pacific still has tricks up her sleeve as race finale plays out

The podium positions for Race 9, The Seattle Pacific Challenge are now confirmed. However this race is far from over for the remaining eight contenders who have plenty left to…

14 Apr 2016

And the Race 9 Stormhoek Social Spirit Award Goes to…

YOU, the Clipper Race family! Usually the winner of the Stormhoek Social Spirit Award is kept under wraps until the Official Prize-Giving Ceremony at the end of each race in…

13 Apr 2016


Darren Ladd has decided to step down as the Skipper of IchorCoal after its arrival in Seattle next week. He will return to the Clipper Race office in the UK…

13 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 24: Pacific Ocean commands respect as teams overcome “horrendous” conditions

Seattle may be drawing ever closer but the Pacific Ocean’s power is unrelenting, making the final miles to the west coast of the USA an incredible final test of seamanship…

13 Apr 2016

Next stop Seattle: City hosts exciting programme of events for its race debut

The countdown has begun in Seattle which will make its debut as a Host Port to the Clipper Race for the first time in its 19 year history this week.…

12 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 23: Unicef sets Ocean Sprint time to beat in dramatic day

With four teams having completed the Ocean Sprint, it is Unicef which has recorded the fastest time so far in a day of high winds and strong seas which proved…

11 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 22: Winds set to build as Ocean Sprint commences

The frontal weather system currently passing over the fleet has not been as strong as the last, but has provided another day of excellent mileage in the final push to…

10 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 21: Countdown to Seattle

The latest depression has the most westerly boats in its grip and is moving steadily east this morning in the closing week of the Seattle Pacific Challenge. The Race Office…

9 Apr 2016


The Clipper Race fleet is experiencing the ‘North Pacific Railway’ right now, according to race Meteorologist Simon Rowell, with a regular timetable of low/ridge/low coming through. A ridge of high…

8 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 19: Wet and windy sleigh ride as teams hunt down leader Derry~Londonderry~Doire

Damp and gusty downwind conditions, with up to 50 knot peaks, are continuing to push the teams forward in the race to Seattle. With boat speeds in the high teens,…

7 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 18: Pressure mounts as teams battle for position

Derry~Londonderry~Doire continues to lead the way in the Seattle Pacific Challenge, with an 87 nautical mile lead over second placed Unicef . However the chasing pack hasn’t given up the…

6 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 17: Low front propels teams towards Seattle

The big anticipated front expected yesterday failed to materialise, but the next storm is now moving over the Clipper 70 fleet in the Seattle Pacific Challenge. Today’s front should have…

6 Apr 2016

Fleet faces 48 hour day

The idea of Groundhog Day may seem like a fictional concept but in reality, it’s perfectly possible. The crews have been marking the crossing of the International Date Line today…

5 Apr 2016

​Race 9 Day 16: Teams travel in time as they cross International Date Line

The teams have been crossing the International Date Line and travelling back in time a day in the North Pacific Ocean. The Skippers have written about the significant milestone in…

4 Apr 2016

​Race 9 Day 15: Fast boat speeds with strong wind on the beam

Strong squalls have kept the teams busy in the cold temperatures as they change sail plans often to deal with the range of wind speeds. The wind has ranged between…

3 Apr 2016

Sarah Young - On board Tributes

As the Clipper Race says good bye to one of our family, with Sarah Young being laid to rest in the ‘deep blue’ she chose to sail across, explore and…

3 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 14: Teams pay tribute to Sarah Young

The teams have been paying tribute to lost crewmate Sarah Young, who was buried at sea at 1202 local time today after a ceremony on board IchorCoal. Whilst the ceremony…

2 Apr 2016

​Sarah Young - Burial at Sea

UPDATE: 2200 UK time Skipper Darren Ladd and the IchorCoal team are now making the final preparations for Sarah's burial, which will start on board at 0100 UK time (1200…

2 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 13: A sombre day across the fleet

There is a sombre mood across the Clipper Race fleet today with Skippers reflecting on the tragedy aboard IchorCoal in their reports as they head east to Seattle. Speaking on…

1 Apr 2016


OFFICIAL STATEMENT - 1 APRIL 2016 We are deeply saddened to report the death of crew member Sarah Young (40), a company owner from London. Sarah was one of the…

1 Apr 2016

The Clipper Race supporters Club: Meet Gabrielle ‘Gay’ Dowling and Tony Milsom

Today we continue our insight into the experience of the Clipper Race supporters. It wouldn't be a Clipper Race stopover without the familiar presence of Gabrielle ‘Gay’ Dowling, partner of…

1 Apr 2016

Race 9 Day 12: 50 knot gusts and white-knuckle helming as Pacific promise delivers

The North Pacific leg is always billed as ‘the big one’ and Skippers report this promise really delivered overnight as a short, sharp forecasted weather front came into force with…

31 Mar 2016

Leg 5 penalty points

The Race Committee has announced the penalty points for the Asian Pacific Challenge from Australia to China via Vietnam. Penalty points are awarded because of damage sustained to sails and…

31 Mar 2016

100 Days till Derry-Londonderry

When the Clipper Race teams set sail for the Pacific Ocean, for many crew members they finally felt they were heading for home, and waiting for them at the end…

31 Mar 2016

Race 9 Day 11: Scoring Gate poses conundrum as low front moves in

The upcoming Scoring Gate is on the minds of the Skippers as they debate weather options and the routing implications for the next four days on the Seattle Pacific Challenge.…

30 Mar 2016

​Race 9 Day 10: Fleet heads east as it awaits next North Pacific low

After a day of strong headwinds and breaking seas, the fleet has been heading east to try and stay in the wind as long as possible while a high pressure…

29 Mar 2016

Race 9 Day 9: ClipperTelemed+ takes lead as low brings strong headwinds

The low pressure system has shown the fleet what the mighty North Pacific is capable of, with the wind veering almost 180 degrees to the north and quickly picking up…

29 Mar 2016

Join us at the Strictly Sail Pacific Show: 7-10 April, San Francisco

Want to join our intrepid crews and race the world’s oceans? The Clipper Race will be at the 2016 Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10…

28 Mar 2016

Race 9 Day 8: “We have seen it all weather wise the last 24 hours”

It has been another 24 hours of frustrating weather, with wind coming from all directions on the compass due to the low pressure that has formed over a small area…

27 Mar 2016

Race 9 Day 7: Teams deal with ‘diabolical’ sea state after unforecast low

Unicef is the new race leader today having faced some very tricky conditions in the night following a new small low pressure system formed further south than forecast and left…

26 Mar 2016

​Race 9 Day 6: Shifty, light winds hinder progress on Great Circle Route north

The wind has been inconsistent and shifty, with a lot of trimming and sail changes taking place on day 6 of the Seattle Pacific Challenge. With the speed varying between…

26 Mar 2016

“You must face challenges for you to grow”

“I think this experience will have a big impact on me and my community when I get back home. I think it will show that you can achieve and stand…

25 Mar 2016

​Race 9 Day 5: First taste of the North Pacific during an exhilarating night racing

The wind has eased off substantially after an exhilarating night of sailing with a steady 30 knots, and gusts of 50 knots as the teams had their first experience of…

24 Mar 2016

The Clipper Race Supporters Club: Meet Tracey Charles

We usually focus on getting to know the Clipper Race crew better but after getting more than half way through the circumnavigation, we have now got to know quite a…

24 Mar 2016

Race 9 Day 4: Wind and sea state increases as teams pass southern Japan

The yachts have passed the first waypoint off the southern tip of Japan, and are now headed upwind north towards the Great Circle route in stronger northerly, north-north-easterly winds that…

23 Mar 2016

​Race 9 Day 3: Busy day of sail evolutions with wind shifts keeping teams on their toes

The wind and sea state has increased as the teams near the southern tip of Japan on day 3 of the Seattle Pacific Challenge. Over the last 24 hours, there…

23 Mar 2016

Aspiring young sailors take on challenging North Pacific

“I am really hoping to learn as much as I can about ocean racing and see if I could get into it as a professional career,” says Heather Thomas, 19,…

22 Mar 2016

Race 9 Day 2: Frustration and fishing nets in light airs

The fleet has had a frustrating 24 hours of light winds and trouble negotiating huge fishing nets in the Yellow Sea on day 2 of the Seattle Pacific Challenge. The…

21 Mar 2016

Race 9 Day 1: Light winds on day 1 of the Seattle Pacific Challenge Race

Following the Le Mans start from Qingdao in light winds and sun at 0100 UTC, 0900 local time today, the Clipper Race fleet is now headed in a south easterly…

21 Mar 2016

Seattle Pacific Challenge Begins

At 0100 UTC today, the Clipper Race fleet began the ninth of 14 races as it heads across the Pacific Ocean to Seattle, USA from Qingdao, China. The Seattle Pacific…

20 Mar 2016

Crew departs Qingdao for notorious Seattle Pacific Challenge race

The Clipper Race crew, or ‘courageous ocean warriors’ as they are known here in China, have departed the Sailing City of Qingdao to begin their longest, most remote leg of…

19 Mar 2016

Race 9 Preview: The Seattle Pacific Challenge

Renowned by many as one of the toughest features of the circumnavigation, the fleet departs Qingdao for The Seattle Pacific Challenge from China to Seattle, USA, on Sunday. So what…

17 Mar 2016

Crew taste victory in international football match

Clipper Race Crew 2 - 1 Qingdao Media Team In a hotly contested battle at the Tian Tin Stadium in Qingdao, the Clipper Race crew took on the Qingdao media…

17 Mar 2016

Unicef highlights challenge for Children and Environment

The Clipper Race and our Official Charity Unicef joined forces in Qingdao to highlight a subject China is putting more and more emphasis on; that is the role children have…

16 Mar 2016

Chinese community embraces crew

Having been entertained by youngsters yesterday during a school visit, today it was the turn of the ‘young at heart’ to share elements of Chinese culture with the Clipper Race…

16 Mar 2016

The adventurers return

As the teams soak up the amazing hospitality and culture of our six-time Host Port, Qingdao, we hear from some familiar faces of Alumni crew members who have returned to…

15 Mar 2016

Crew gets lessons in Chinese culture

Kung Fu fighting, Chinese calligraphy and origami messages in a bottle were order of the day for the Clipper Race crew and Skippers who were invited to a local primary…

14 Mar 2016

The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup Prize-Giving

The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup officially drew to a close with an extravagant prize-giving ceremony hosted by the Qingdao Organizing Committee. Over three hundred crew, supporters and officials gathered…

12 Mar 2016

PSP Logistics celebrates best finish of series as Qingdao arrivals continue

On the second day of arrivals into China’s Sailing City, PSP Logistics was the first to arrive in and join and receive its famously warm welcome from the hospitable Host…

12 Mar 2016

Fleet ETAs into Qingdao, China

China’s Sailing City, Qingdao, is looking forward to hosting the Clipper Race fleet for the sixth consecutive time. Due to Chinese immigration policy and an extravagant arrival ceremony which is…

11 Mar 2016

Race 8 Day 13: Relief from light winds forecast in final stages of The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup

The teams still at sea are contending with frustratingly light airs in the final stages of The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup. The freezing temperatures have delivered snow, but there…

10 Mar 2016

​Race 8 Day 12: Icy conditions as remaining teams beat upwind to Qingdao Race Finish

The countdown is on for the teams still racing and battling upwind in icy conditions to make it to Race Finish in Qingdao having come through the violent storm yesterday.…

9 Mar 2016

​Race 8 Day 11: Violent storm hits fleet with ‘extreme’ conditions and 70 knot gusting winds

It has been a tumultuous night, with the fleet experiencing a violent storm which delivered some of the worst conditions of the entire circumnavigation. Gusting winds of 70 to 80…

9 Mar 2016

Qingdao Celebrates 12 Years of Achievement and Legacy

The city of Qingdao is ready to receive the Clipper Race fleet for the sixth consecutive edition and remains just as excited as it was in 2006, officials revealed at…

8 Mar 2016

Race 8 Day 10: Front moves over fleet as battle for leaderboard positions intensifies

A front is moving over the fleet, with north-easterly wind between 30 to 40 knots and a swell of three to four metres as the teams beat upwind in the…

8 Mar 2016


With more than a third of Clipper Race crew being women from all walks of life, ages and nationalities, it seems fitting to pay tribute to our female crew members…

7 Mar 2016

​Race 8 Day 9: Exhausting sailing with fickle wind, fog and fishing fleets

Wind holes, thick fog and enormous fishing fleets are making for very stressful racing for the teams as they make slow progress towards Qingdao on Day 9 of The Sailing…

7 Mar 2016

“There are some things I will never forget in my life” 

What more unique a way to celebrate your birthday than on board a 70-foot ocean racing yacht racing from Australia to Vietnam, having never sailed before. That’s what 24-year-old Khulekani…

6 Mar 2016

​Race 8 Day 8: Constant trimming and sail plan adjustments in light winds

It has been a day of mostly frustratingly light and unstable airs on The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup to China, with a dying breeze. Garmin, which was leading the…

5 Mar 2016

​Race 8 Day 7: Fleet faces light winds in Ocean Sprint challenge

The teams have been contending with light, fluky winds and squally rain clouds during the Ocean Sprint, but have had a boost from the strong Kuro Shio current. Garmin is…

4 Mar 2016

​Race 8 Day 6: Teams begin Ocean Sprint as wind and sea state decreases

The wind has eased and veered round to the east, pushing the yachts onto a more northerly heading as the leading teams start the Ocean Sprint section of the course.…

3 Mar 2016

Race 8 Day 5: “Worst seas of the entire Clipper 2015-16 Race so far”

It has been another 24 hours of challenging seas and strong winds with the worst sea state of the entire circumnavigation reported by new race leader Garmin. Former race leader…

2 Mar 2016

​Race 8 Day 4: North or east: Which route will pay off?

The strong winds and steep waves have eased off, but the fleet is still battling upwind on day 4 of The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup to China. The northerly…

1 Mar 2016

Race 8 Day 3:  Fleet “Blasting up waves the size of houses”

The fleet is enduring some difficult conditions with the wind increasing significantly, delivering speeds of up to 40 knots over the last 24 hours and short, sharp waves, making progress…

29 Feb 2016

Race 8 Day 2: Wind forecasted to strengthen

With the fleet on an easterly course currently headed towards Taiwan on the race to Qingdao, the wind is picking up and will continue to do so for the next…

28 Feb 2016

Race 8 Day 1: ‘Tam biet’ as Clipper Race fleet heads north-east for Qingdao

Following a spectacular departure ceremony in Da Nang yesterday, and a dramatic seascape start off the Vinpearl Beach Resort, Race 8 is on and the teams are focussed on The…

27 Feb 2016

Race 8: The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup is underway

The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup started today in blustery conditions off Da Nang beach, Following a well attended departure ceremony, teams made their way to the coastal startlne. Visit…

27 Feb 2016

Fleet departs Da Nang ahead of starting The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup.

The Clipper Race bid an emotional farewell to Da Nang this morning following its ten day stopover in the coastal Vietnamese Host Port. During the on-stage departure ceremony, Clipper Race…

27 Feb 2016

Race 8: The Sailing City • Qingdao Cup

After an unforgettable stopover in Da Nang, the Clipper Race crew is turning its attention to Qingdao, China where an exciting and eventful visit awaits at the end of Race…

26 Feb 2016

Clipper Race crew visit Unicef supported day care centre in Da Nang for children with disabilities

Clipper Race CEO William Ward along with crew members who are raising money for Official Race Charity Unicef were invited to The DAVA Centre in the Hoa Vang District of…

26 Feb 2016

Thousands flock to watch spectacular Clipper Race night parade in Da Nang

Da Nang’s Han River bank was jam-packed for miles last night as people flocked in their thousands to see the Clipper Race fleet parade up and down the city’s water…

25 Feb 2016

Clipper Race Crew shine at Cultural Exchange Show

Clipper Race crew stole the show at Da Nang’s Art and Cultural night in the Race Village, as hundreds gathered to watch a variety of performances by local artists, dance…

24 Feb 2016

Da Nang means Business

The arrival of the Clipper Race fleet in Da Nang not only heralds the hosting of a great sporting and cultural event in the city, but also represents an international…

22 Feb 2016

Race 7: Five-Star Prize Giving Celebration in Da Nang, Vietnam

Clipper Race crew were treated to a lavish cultural celebration tonight at Da Nang’s five star Furama Resort where a sit down VIP Gala Dinner and traditional Vietnamese entertainment evening…

21 Feb 2016

Crew Clean up in Da Nang

After almost a month at sea in a combination of high winds, spray over deck and hot, humid conditions below deck, the ritual ‘deep clean’ is proving even more thorough…

21 Feb 2016

Free Yacht Tours in Da Nang, Vietnam

During the Clipper Race’s stay in Da Nang, Vietnam there is the chance to get on board for free tours of the yachts. On Tuesday (23 February) and Wednesday (24…

19 Feb 2016

Race of Their Lives 2 Screenings in Race Village

Since receiving the warmest of welcomes into Da Nang, crew and supporters have been enjoying all the city has to offer, from first class Vietnamese cuisine to bicycle rides along…

17 Feb 2016

Da Nang – Viet Nam receives rapturous reception as city turns out to welcome its team ‘home’

The Da Nang – Viet Nam crew always knew it was going to be special sailing into its home port, but no one was quite prepared for the pomp and…

17 Feb 2016

ETAs to Da Nang, Vietnam

The city of Da Nang, Vietnam has provided a huge welcome to the Clipper Race fleet through Wednesday with Mission Performance and Unicef now due to arrive on Thursday morning.…

16 Feb 2016

Fleet closes in on Da Nang

Following the completion of the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race, the teams are making best speeds to Da Nang in strong winds as the north-east monsoon approaches the…

15 Feb 2016

Derry~Londonderry ~Doire takes first win in Race 7: Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race

Following a challenging 27 day race in which crew faced a whole range of conditions, Derry~Londonderry~Doire has won the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race, taking its first race…

14 Feb 2016

​Race 7 Day 26: Battle for positions intensifies as Race Finish draws close

The Race Finish line has been set and teams are into the final hours of the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race with positions still to be decided as…

13 Feb 2016

UPDATE: Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race Enters Final Hours

UPDATED at 0730 UTC, Sunday 14 February Message from Race Director Justin Taylor: "Please be advised that Visit Seattle has accepted my offer of twelfth place and Mission Performance has…

13 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 25: Light winds allow chasing pack to make ground on leader

The Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race could be set for a tighter finish than appeared possible a few days ago, since the frontrunners have all got caught in…

12 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 24: Teams enjoy beat upwind towards Da Nang

As the fleet enters the final stages of the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race, the teams continue towards various waypoints on the route, enjoying comfortable sailing conditions along…

11 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 23: “Clear skies” and “pleasant breeze” are welcome respite for fleet

With six days to go until the Clipper Race fleet arrives in Vietnam, the teams heading north are enjoying much easier upwind conditions which are forecast to continue for the…

10 Feb 2016


Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? This week we’re celebrating our thirst for all things action at the 2016 Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show. Running tomorrow until Sunday…

10 Feb 2016

Nominate Your Team for Stormhoek Social Spirit Award

Upon completion of the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race, our intrepid crew will be half way through their fourteen race global adventure. The crew signed up for a…

10 Feb 2016

​Race 7 Day 22: Derry~Londonderry~ Doire claims Ocean Sprint bonus points

Leader of the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race Derry~Londonderry~Doire was the first through the Ocean Sprint course, setting a time of 14 hours 18 minutes, which has consequently…

9 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 21: Record speeds set as teams round southern waypoint

Strong winds in the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race have led to some thrilling racing conditions for the Clipper Race fleet, with teams recording speeds of over 32…

8 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 20: Teams turn corners as testing conditions continue

The New Moon signifies a new beginning and for many cultures, today represents a New Year. For some teams, turning the most southerly waypoint in the extended route of the…

7 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 19: Bucking bronco seas test fleet ten days from Da Nang

The Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race has continued at a fast pace. Derry~Londonderry~Doire maintains the fastest time across the Ocean Sprint, with eight teams now having completed the…

6 Feb 2016

​Race 7 Day 18: Winds gust up to 50 knots as teams face Sydney Hobart like conditions

Teams have been facing blustery conditions more reminiscent of the tough Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race as winds hit 50 knots gusting and high surf speeds are reached on route…

5 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 17: Rough ride as teams battle south in Ocean Sprint

As the fleet heads south for the first time this year the broad reaching champagne sailing experience enjoyed for much of the past two weeks is over. Winds died off…

4 Feb 2016

Making waves at the Seattle Boat Show this week

This week, we have been making waves at the West Coast’s largest boat show in Seattle, USA. During our debut at the Seattle Boat Show which runs until Saturday 6…

4 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 16: Ocean Sprint start in sight for front runners

A swift turn around Amianan Island has seen half of the Clipper Race fleet gybe to the south-west as the teams head for the Ocean Sprint course and next waypoint…

4 Feb 2016

11-14 February: Join us at the 2016 Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Next week, we’re celebrating our thirst for all things action at the 2016 Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show. Running from Thursday 11…

3 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 15: “More oomph” forecast as fleet approaches waypoint

Passing to the north-east of the Philippines, the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race leader Derry~Londonderry~Doire is within 160 nautical miles of the next waypoint between the island of…

2 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 14: King Neptune returns as close match racing continues

For the first time since escaping the Solomon Sea Doldrums, the Clipper Race fleet is experiencing much drier conditions and smoother sailing, as it continues to head north-west towards the…

1 Feb 2016

Race 7 Day 13: Trade Winds ride continues in South Pacific

The Trade Winds ride continues to provide great mileage for the Clipper Race fleet as constant wind angles and speeds result in 10 to 12 knots boat speed under heavyweight…

31 Jan 2016

Race 7 Day 12: “Stupendously stonking spinnaker runs” as Trade Winds continue to deliver

Day 12 has provided “stupendously stonking spinnaker runs” of up to 305 nautical miles covered in 24 hours, as the fleet powers on in the North Pacific Trade Winds. However,…

30 Jan 2016

Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race Course Lengthened

Monday 1 February - Update on Race Course Extension Following questions, Race Chairman Sir Robin Knox Johnston, has provided additional details on the other options considered before deciding to extend…

30 Jan 2016

Race 7 Day 11: Trade Winds allow for High Speed Racing

The Clipper Race fleet is flying along in the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race, with many boats averaging more than 120 nautical miles in the last 12 hours.…

29 Jan 2016

​Episode two of Race of Their Lives 2 screens from Monday

The second instalment of the Clipper 2015-16 Race TV series, ‘Race of Their Lives 2’ will be broadcast across Europe and Australia on FOX SPORTS 2 and BLOOMBERG TV from…

29 Jan 2016

Race 7 Day 10: Fleet hit by 50 knot gusts in tropics

As a low pressure front continues to develop over the fleet, the circulatory winds are increasing with gusts of up to 50 knots, as the front runners approach the halfway…

29 Jan 2016

Penalty Points announced for Leg 4

The Clipper Race Committee has released details of the penalty points allocated to the teams following the three races of the All-Australian Leg 4. Penalty points are awarded because of…

28 Jan 2016

​Race 7 Day 9: Teams adjust to life at an angle as winds strengthen

The Clipper Race crew is getting used to life at an angle again as steady winds and mixed weather fronts keep the teams on their toes with the need for…

27 Jan 2016

Race 7 Day 8: Trade Winds power fleet after second Equator crossing

After days of taking a northerly route through Papua New Guinea, the fleet has finally reached a point where it can pick up the north-easterly Trade Winds which will ease…

27 Jan 2016

Crossing the line: Turning from slimy Pollywog to trusted Shellback

As the Clipper 2015-16 Race fleet crosses the Equator for the second and final time of its circumnavigation, we explain the history and tradition behind the famous King Neptune line…

26 Jan 2016

Race 7 Day 7: GREAT Britain leads charge through Scoring Gate

The chase is on in the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race, with the Scoring Gate behind them, the next big focus for the teams is crossing the Equator…

26 Jan 2016

The Clipper Race is calling! Visit us at the Seattle Boat Show: 29 Jan – 6 Feb

Still looking for the ultimate New Year’s resolution? We are on the search for the next generation of Clipper Race crew to take on the challenge of racing the world’s…

25 Jan 2016

Race 7 Day 6: Scoring Gate beckons as teams battle squall attacks

As the fleet passes New Ireland in Papua New Guinea, the leading four boats are within 80 nautical miles of the Scoring Gate and the chance to win the first…

25 Jan 2016

Unicef in the Philippines: ready when disaster strikes

Leg 5: The Asia-Pacific Challenge sees the fleet head back north, crossing the Equator for the second time in the race and travelling through the islands of Indonesia and the…

24 Jan 2016

​Race 7 Day 5: Doldrums frustrations eased by much welcomed winds

A significant wind-shift from south to north, bringing with it decent breeze, has helped get the fleet moving again on a beat after progress came to a standstill yesterday for…

23 Jan 2016

Race 7 Day 4: Doldrums duels keep teams moving

The teams are trying everything to keep their boats moving as they negotiate the light, shifty winds of the Doldrums and its associated rain squalls in the Da Nang New…

22 Jan 2016

​Race 7 Day 3: Heat is on as the fleet nears Doldrums

GREAT Britain has taken the lead, making up ground on familiar rival Garmin in second position* after it had to carry out a repair to its spinnaker and peel to…

21 Jan 2016

​Race 7 Day 2: Tropical conditions as teams near the Doldrums

The teams have been contending with tropical squalls and patchy wind as they close in on the Doldrums in the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race. And the next…

20 Jan 2016

‘Race of Their Lives’ continues this weekend

This weekend sees the ‘Race of their Lives’ series continue on Bloomberg Television across the UK and Europe. Episode 6 of the series, which followed the Clipper 2013-14 Race, airs…

20 Jan 2016

​Race 7 Day 1: Reef navigation decisions split fleet

The first 24 hours of the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race 7 has seen the teams split as they navigate the tactics of the Lihou Reef, with the…

19 Jan 2016

​Meet the Crew: Ann Adams

When the Clipper Race fleet sailed along the River Thames and past her pub in Canvey Island, Ann Adams couldn’t bring herself to watch because she knew the lure of…

19 Jan 2016

Race 7 gets underway in Coral Sea

Race 7, The Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race, got underway at 0530 UTC (1530 Local) today, 19 January. The 4,310 nautical mile race had a Le Mans start…

18 Jan 2016

Clipper Race departs Australia for Da Nang, Vietnam

The Clipper Race bid a fond farewell to Australia today as Race 7, The Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race, departed for Da Nang Vietnam. The 4,310 nautical mile…

16 Jan 2016

​Competitive streak runs through Asian Pacific Challenge Ambassadors

There are six new crew members from different ends of the earth boarding five Clipper Race boats to represent their individual Team Sponsor for the Asian Pacific Challenge, and there…

16 Jan 2016

Locals Lap up Clipper Race Fleet in Airlie Beach

Hundreds of Whitsunday and surrounding area residents and tourists took the chance to tour the Clipper Race fleet today. Families and friends enjoyed the tropic sunshine as they received free…

15 Jan 2016

​The Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race

After an extended and well earned break in Airlie Beach, the Clipper Race fleet will be back racing on Monday with their eyes firmly set on Vietnam in the Da…

14 Jan 2016

​Ambassadors bid emotional farewell after life-changing journey

Taking themselves out of their comfort zone is a trait shared by all Clipper Race crew, and many find that the mental and physical challenge provided through ocean racing helps…

12 Jan 2016

Mayor of Whitsundays Welcomes Clipper Race Crew to Airlie Beach

Clipper Race crew were given the warmest of tropical welcomes to Airlie Beach this evening by the Mayor of the Whitsundays, Abell Point Marina and members of the local sailing…

9 Jan 2016


The Henri Lloyd Hobart to Whitsundays Race has been a week-long ‘sprint’ of tight unrelenting match racing over 1600 nautical miles which is going down to the wire with GREAT…

9 Jan 2016

Clipper Race teams arrive to tropical welcome in Airlie Beach, Whitsundays

ELEVEN TEAMS NOW OVER THE FINISH LINE: ARRIVAL QUOTES The podium may be decided but the close finishes continued over night and this morning in Race 6: The Henri Lloyd…

9 Jan 2016

Mission Performance ETA 0830 Monday

UPDATE: MISSION PERFORMANCE DUE TO BERTH ABLE POINT MARINA 0830 LOCAL (2230 UTC) MONDAY 11 JANUARY 2016 Eleven teams have arrived at Abell Point Marina, Airlie Beach. The remaining yacht…

8 Jan 2016

Race 6 Day 6: Close racing makes for nail biting finale

The Henri Lloyd Hobart to Whitsundays Race is shaping up to a tense and dramatic finish, as once again in the last 24 hours, the lead has changed hands. As…

7 Jan 2016

​Race 6 Day 5: Mission Performance claims Ocean Sprint bonus points

Mission Performance may have started the Ocean Sprint much later than anticipated after going to the aid of another vessel in distress, but the team has made up for lost…

6 Jan 2016

​Race 6 Day 4: Offshore tactics pay off as Derry~Londonderry~ Doire takes the lead

With eleven of the twelve strong Clipper Race fleet making the tactical decision to sail close to the eastern Australian coast, Derry~Londonderry~Doire’s plan to remain further offshore has seen the…

5 Jan 2016

Race 6 Day 3: Da Nang – Viet Nam leads charge into Ocean Sprint but drops into second place

The last 24 hours in the Henri Lloyd Hobart to Whitsundays Race have seen the fleet getting a bit of a battering from a developing low with unstable and unpredictable…

4 Jan 2016

Race 6 Day 2: GREAT Britain clinches three points at Scoring Gate

The fleet is flying along in Day 2 of Race 6: The Henri Lloyd Hobart to Whitsundays Race. The front runners are just over a thousand nautical miles from the…

3 Jan 2016

Race 6 Day 1: Split tactics as teams aim for extra points over positions

The New Year has brought a new determination to the Clipper Race fleet which, after a short stopover in Hobart, is back racing and charging across the Bass Strait in…

2 Jan 2016


Following the fleet's successful Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race campaign, the sixth race of the 14-race series has started today, Saturday 2 January. Race 6: The Henri Lloyd Hobart to…

1 Jan 2016

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race prizes awarded

The prizes have been awarded in the official 71 st Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (RSHYR) prizegiving ceremony where the distinctive orange shirts of Da Nang – Viet Nam were…

30 Dec 2015


The final fight to the finish line of Race 5, the 71 st Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (RSHYR), is going to be tight and tactical for the Clipper 70s…

30 Dec 2015

LATEST ETAs to Hobart

The Clipper Race fleet is still being led by ‘local Girl’ Wendo Tuck on Da Nang Viet Nam and is hurtling towards a finish just before 1600 local (0500 UTC)…

29 Dec 2015


The fleet continues to make good progress towards Hobart achieving decent speeds Tuesday morning local time across Bass Strait after some teams struggled in light winds close to the south…

28 Dec 2015

Race 5 Day 2: Da Nang – Viet Nam holds onto lead as conditions calm

Da Nang - Viet Nam, led by Australian Skipper Wendy Tuck, has held its lead overnight, benefitting from stronger south westerly winds by being on the east side of the…

27 Dec 2015

Race 5 Day 1: Fleet endures challenging first night on RSHYR

Following a spectacular start in front of millions of TV viewers, the Clipper Race fleet has endured a challenging first night which claimed victims of many of the super maxi…

26 Dec 2015

​Clipper Race fleet starts Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

The 12-strong Clipper Race fleet has started famous Australian bluewater classic the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race (RSHYR) in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators. The fleet started at 1300…

26 Dec 2015

The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race starts today!

The entire Clipper Race fleet will compete in famous Australian bluewater classic the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race (RSHYR) which starts today, 26 December, at 1300 local AEDT (0200 UTC). Auditors…

25 Dec 2015

Santa surprises Sydney race crew

Christmas Day has got off to a suitably festive start down under today after (Sir) Santa Claus paid an early visit to Clipper Race crew at the CYCA in Sydney.…

24 Dec 2015

Making waves: The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation in Sydney

Thulisile ‘Thuli’ Lekalake had never been on a boat before joining the Clipper Race as an ambassador for the Sapinda Rainbow Foundation. Now, the 22 year-old from Mpumalanga, South Africa…

22 Dec 2015

Sydney Hobart Weather Scare May Suit Clipper Racers

If the worst forecasted weather condtitions, estimated to bring gusts of up to 50 knots through the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race fleet, do materialise after the first 24 hours,…

18 Dec 2015


Forget Star Wars (for now), this week the first instalment of the Clipper 2015-16 Race TV series, ‘Race of Their Lives 2’ gets its UK and European premiere broadcast on…

17 Dec 2015

Busy maintenance schedule in Sydney

The Clipper Race fleet is undergoing a busy schedule of maintenance in Sydney, including each boat being lifted out of the water to have antifouling carried out. The 12 boats…

15 Dec 2015

Race 4: Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup prizes awarded

The Race 4: Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup prizes have been awarded at an event at the prestigious Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron. Winners LMAX Exchange received a flag from the race’s…

14 Dec 2015

Race 4 Day 13: Final positions confirmed for Race 4: The Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup

Due to the continuing light airs affecting ClipperTelemed+, PSP Logistics and most recently Derry~Londonderry~Doire and Da Nang - Viet Nam , the final positions for Race 4: The Elliot Brown…

14 Dec 2015

ETAs to Sydney, Australia

Having also come to a virtual standstill in extremely light airs, Da Nang–Viet Nam has accepted ninth place and will now also motor to make best speed to Sydney. The…

13 Dec 2015

New day of Sydney arrivals for remaining teams

Strong headwinds followed by the wind dropping off in the harbour, has pushed back arrival times for the remaining five teams into Sydney. IchorCoal, which was due in just ahead…

13 Dec 2015

Race 4 Day 12: Sydney plays hard to get for remaining five teams

In a final, cruel test to what has already been a punishing slog, the five teams still striving to reach Sydney are once again fighting headwinds and fickle airs in…

12 Dec 2015

Finish in sight as “toughest race so far” draws to conclusion

Following LMAX Exchange clinching the Race 4: Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup title at 0801 UTC (1901 local) today , the finish line is truly now in sight as the remaining…

12 Dec 2015

LMAX Exchange crosses finish line, winning Race 4 into Sydney

LMAX Exchange has crossed the finish line in Sydney Harbour, taking line honours in Race 4 after racing 2,088 nautical miles from Albany through the Southern Ocean on the Elliot…

11 Dec 2015

​Race 4 Day 10: No margin for error as teams approach finish line

The heat is on as the Clipper Race fleet closes in on Sydney and the Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup lives up to its name with the smallest of margins allowing…

11 Dec 2015

Information for the Sydney stopover

Ahead of the Sydney stopover, here are some details for Race Crew and friends and family. Marina information The boats will berth at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, the…

10 Dec 2015

Race 4 Day 9: Stealth Mode adds to Scoring Gate excitement

At 0007 UTC, the Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup leader LMAX Exchange passed through the Scoring Gate and, pending verification by the Race Office, will collect three points for being the…

9 Dec 2015

​Race 4 Day 8: Tight at the top for front teams

It’s tight at the top of the Clipper Race fleet as the leading boats have rounded Great Mewstone, south of Tasmania, and entered the Tasman Sea in a quest to…

8 Dec 2015

Race 4 day 7: Shifting wind patterns shake up fleet

The Clipper Race fleet has Tasmania in its sights, as a shift in wind patterns has allowed the majority of teams to head due east, south of the island, where…

8 Dec 2015

Unicef in Papua New Guinea: Malnutrition Prevention

As the fleet heads back into the Roaring Forties, this time venturing further south than on any other race, Unicef is working in many countries in the region to help…

7 Dec 2015

Race 4 Day 6: Closely fought inter-fleet battles excite teams

After six days of battling strong headwinds, the wind has finally backed and the Clipper Race fleet has swapped tacking for sail changes in a bid to make the most…

7 Dec 2015

Penalty Points Announced for Leg 3

The Clipper Race Committee has released details of the penalty points allocated to the teams following the race from Cape Town to Albany. Penalty points are awarded because of damage…

6 Dec 2015

​Race 4 Day 5: Teams jostle for position in challenging conditions

The constant headwinds and necessary tacking when battling against them may have slowed the fleet’s progress to Sydney, but in the last 24 hours the front runners have hit their…

5 Dec 2015

​Nominate your team for Stormhoek Social Spirit Award

The Australian Coast to Coast Leg is underway and what an exciting contest the Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup is turning out to be. Shaping up to be the most close-matched…

5 Dec 2015

Race 4 Day 4: LMAX Exchange sets Ocean Sprint time to beat

LMAX Exchange is reaping the rewards of its decision to enter Stealth Mode for 24 hours, as it has so far recorded the fastest Ocean Sprint time of the five…

4 Dec 2015

Competition: Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup

Throughout Race 4: The Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup, Daily Update readers have the chance to win the limited edition Clipper Race watch. All you have to do is share with…

4 Dec 2015

Race 4 Day 3: Headwinds make progress uncomfortable in Ocean Sprint

The steady, downwind race is over and teams now find themselves living at an uncomfortable degree angle, beating into variable headwinds as they battle the frustrating conditions to select the…

3 Dec 2015

Race 4 Day 2: All to race for as teams head into Ocean Sprint

Visit Seattle , in a southerly position, has taken the lead for the first time in its overall race campaign this morning*, and is now 4.3 nautical miles ahead of…

2 Dec 2015

Race 4 Day 1: Clipper Race off to exciting, close start as Sydney beckons

After an enjoyable battery charge in Amazing Albany, the Clipper Race fleet is tightly packed and heading south east in search of Sydney, with sunshine and light winds easing them…

1 Dec 2015

Race 4, The Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup starts from Albany, Western Australia

The Clipper Race fleet has started Race 4, the Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup to Sydney, after departing Official Host Port, City of Albany, Western Australia. The Australia Leg comprises three…

28 Nov 2015

Surfing, rowing and rugby for crew on Albany stopover

Crew have been enjoying surfing, rowing and touch rugby in Albany, Western Australia during the stopover. On Wednesday, crew members played touch rugby against the Amazing Albany team at the…

28 Nov 2015

Open boats and full programme of events in Albany this weekend

A busy programme of events for the public and crew is happening this weekend in Albany, Western Australia. Today (Saturday) and tomorrow there are opportunities to see on board the…

28 Nov 2015

ETAs to Albany, Australia

LMAX Exchange crossed the Wardan Whip finish line in Albany, Australia at 2143 UTC (0543 local time). Derry~Londonderry~Doire secured second place after crossing the finish line at 0932 UTC (1732…

27 Nov 2015

​Derry~Londonderry~ Doire moves to top of Race Standings

Following a very successful race for Derry~Londonderry~Doire in the Wardan Whip from Cape Town, South Africa to Albany, Australia, Skipper Daniel Smith and his crew have moved to the top…

26 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 26: Finish line beckons for final two teams

The Wardan Whip produced the tightest finish of the Clipper 2015-16 Race so far, when after twenty-five days and 4,850 nautical miles of racing Mission Performance and IchorCoal were neck…

26 Nov 2015

Pennants awarded at Race 3 prizegiving in Albany

The Race 3 Wardan Whip prizes have been awarded to the top three winning teams at a prizegiving event in Albany. An Aboriginal elder opened the ceremony at the White…

25 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 25: Battle continues for final positions in the Wardan Whip

The fight for sixth place could go down to a photo finish for IchorCoal and Mission Performance , with just 0.35 nautical miles separating the pair at 1000 UTC, and…

25 Nov 2015

Clipper Race fleet arriving in Australia ahead of Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

With the arrival of the Clipper Race fleet into Australia after a stormy Southern Ocean crossing, thoughts are turning to the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race which starts one month…

24 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 24: Fight for final points

Breeze has picked up for the teams still racing and just 30 nautical miles now separate the front three yachts as they look to finish as strongly as possible and…

23 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 23: Plenty left to play for as stakes heat up for remaining teams

With podium places secured for LMAX Exchange and Derry~Londonderry~Doire (crossed finish line at 0932 UTC/ 1732 local) with Qingdao estimated to cross finish in approximately two hours, the competition continues…

23 Nov 2015


LMAX Exchange has claimed victory on Race 3, the Wardan Whip, crossing the finish line first in Albany, Western Australia at 2143 UTC November 22, (0543 local time, November 23).…

22 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 22: LMAX Exchange on course to win Wardan Whip today

After 22 days of racing, LMAX Exchange is within 55 nautical miles of the Wardan Whip finish line and, with approximately 120 nautical miles separating it from second placed Qingdao…

22 Nov 2015

Albany stopover photo competition

The Clipper Race fleet is approaching Albany, Western Australia, on its way from South Africa, and we want to see your best images of the yachts arriving in to Albany…

21 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 21: Varying team tactics make for exciting closing stages

While the front of the fleet is hoping to have cleared the last of the very light winds, the boats further back are averaging 10 to 12 knots as they…

20 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 20: Final approach gets complicated as leaders enter Stealth Mode

Competition is hotting up as the teams make their way out of the Southern Ocean chill and get ever closer to the warmth of Western Australia. Front three teams, LMAX…

19 Nov 2015

Race 3 day 19: Light winds frustrate front runners in approach to Albany

In complete contrast to the conditions the western half of the fleet faced 48 hours ago, the boats further east are now toying with tactics as pockets of light winds…

18 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 18: Teams brace against Southern Ocean Storm as Changeable Conditions set in

After a highly anticipated build up, the western half of the Clipper Race fleet braced against a ferocious Southern Ocean storm in the last 24 hours and has come out…

17 Nov 2015

Come and visit us Up North!

As the fleet races across the Southern Ocean towards the west of Australia, our intrepid Recruitment Team here at Clipper Race HQ is travelling to the north of England in…

17 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 17: Stormforce winds catch up with western teams

Teams in the west are experiencing the toughest conditions today as a stormforce front, expected to gust up to 70 to 80 knots, catches up behind them. Teams in the…

16 Nov 2015

​Nominations open for Wardan Whip Stormhoek Social Spirit Award

As the leading teams close in on the final 1000 nautical miles to Albany, Stormhoek Wines has opened its Social Spirit Award nomination window for Race 3. The Wardan Whip…

16 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 16: Ocean Sprints commence and teams prepare for strong front

The sun is shining and life at sea has been brighter and steadier, however a powerful incoming front, likely the strongest experienced so far in this race with gusts forecast…

15 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 15: Winds ease to give teams a temporary breather

Steady surfs and large swells eased over the past 24 hours and light, fluffy winds overnight and this morning are now providing a temporary time out from the strenuous Southern…

15 Nov 2015


There has been a technical glitch with the Race Viewer overnight and not all the positions have updated correctly, most notably GREAT Britain and Mission Performance . All teams are…

14 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 14: High speeds and big surf keep Clipper Race steaming through Southern Ocean

Despite some predicted short-term respite, strong winds, big waves and squalls, which were most extreme in the south east, have meant yesterday was anything but restful for some teams in…

13 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 13: Fast moving front results in busy deck workout for fleet

A fast moving weather front brought wind from all angles and strengths with 60 knot gusts resulting in a busy day of sail manoeuvres as teams were forced to go…

12 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 12: Front moves over fleet bringing more exhilarating conditions

The fleet has had another day of exciting downwind sailing, with a front also starting to move over it providing more exhilarating conditions. The prelude to the front will see…

11 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 11: Mixed wind fortune as sleigh ride continues for lead half of fleet

Lighter winds slowed progress for some yesterday, but depending on their position in the spread out fleet, winds have now built again and the blustery sleigh ride is back on…

10 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 10: Race leaders claim Scoring Gate rewards

In the Wardan Whip’s first bonus opportunity, LMAX Exchange secured the maximum three points for being first across the Scoring Gate at 1625 UTC yesterday. Derry~Londonderry~Doire picked up two points…

9 Nov 2015

Penalty Points announced for Race 2

The Clipper Race Committee has released details of the penalty points allocated to the teams following the race from Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town. Penalty points are awarded because…

9 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 9: Excitement for teams as Southern Ocean sleigh ride finally delivers

The wind has finally backed around and is allowing the Clipper Race fleet to get its first real taste of the Southern Ocean sleigh ride that teams have been craving…

8 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 8: Front brings 50-knot gusts and short, sharp seas

An anticipated frontal system has brought strong gusting winds and building sea states, making for bouncy, wet living conditions yet a positive 12-hour run progress of more than 110 nautical…

7 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 7: Purring Roaring Forties starts to waken as winds pick up

The ‘big purring cat’ of the Roaring Forties is starting to waken gently. Barometers are rising and increasingly wet, windy cold conditions have teams believing they really are now in…

6 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 6: Progress slows as Roaring Forties purrs

Passing the 40S line which marks the official start of the Southern Ocean’s ‘Roaring Forties’ brings expectations of big surfs and accelerated boat speeds, however that is not always the…

6 Nov 2015

Unicef in Australasia: Malaria prevention

As the fleet takes on the Roaring Forties of the Southern Ocean Sleigh Ride towards Australia, Unicef is working in many countries across this region to keep children safe. One…

5 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 5: Life at an upwind angle as teams knock off miles to Albany

The Clipper Race fleet is living life at an angle as teams continue to push upwind, still seeking out the more favourable westerlies that the Southern Ocean is so famous…

4 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 4: Teams seek Southern Ocean reward

After a slow start, teams are relieved to be making better direction south towards the notoriously strong currents of the Southern Ocean and the Roaring Forties as they bid to…

3 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 3: Fickle winds, squalls and Agulhas current make progress difficult

The fleet has been struggling to make decent progress in the light conditions, with fickle winds, squalls and the Agulhas current making sail selection a tricky process. Over the next…

2 Nov 2015

Race 3 Day 2: Storm passes, wind and sea state reduces

The worst of the storm is over with wind and sea state reducing overnight, and the teams are making some progress east at the start of the Wardan Whip race.…

1 Nov 2015

​Race 3 Day 1: Strong winds and big waves provide testing conditions

The start of the Wardan Whip, from Cape Town, South Africa, to Albany, Western Australia, saw strong south easterly winds of 20 knots and gusts of 35 knots on the…

1 Nov 2015

Alumni crew show their support in Cape Town

As we celebrate the tenth edition race and its departure from Cape Town yesterday for the start of Race 3: The Wardan Whip to Albany, Western Australia, the spirit of…

31 Oct 2015


The twelve-strong Clipper Race fleet has begun the third stage of its 14-race global series in an energetic start from Cape Town in the 4845 nautical mile Southern Ocean crossing…

31 Oct 2015

​It’s here: Race 3 start day!

It’s here: Race 3 start day! Crew are already down at the V&A Waterfront this morning to make final preparations and clear immigration before their scheduled departure jus after mid-day…

30 Oct 2015


As Sewisa ‘Lawrence’ Magane, a 23-year-old South African from Groberlsdal, Limpopo, prepares to participate in the next leg of the race across the Southern Ocean, Sapinda Rainbow reserve Sakhile Khulekani…

30 Oct 2015


It’s been a busy week around our stay in Cape Town with a high level of engagement and activation by our Race Partners. The latest initiative was a range of…

29 Oct 2015

Hive of activity in Cape Town Race Village

The Race Village in Cape Town is a hive of activity as visitors to the V&A Waterfront Marina discover what life is like as an ocean racer ahead of the…

29 Oct 2015

​Race 3, The Wardan Whip, starts on Saturday

Race 3 - Cape Town, South Africa, to Albany, Western Australia - will be called the Wardan Whip. Wardan means ‘ocean’ in Noongar, a dialect spoken by the Noongar people,…

29 Oct 2015

Unicef fundraising exceeds £100,000 mark

Just two months into our eleven month global endurance we are very proud to announce we have already raised an incredible £100,000 for Official Race Charity Unicef, the world’s leading…

27 Oct 2015

Tune in to the world’s biggest ‘house’ party tonight in Cape Town

Tonight, join the Sapinda Rainbow Foundation for it's massive party in Cape Town featuring award-winning beats by South African sensation and ‘Breakthrough DJ of 2015’ Black Coffee. Everyone’s invited, wherever…

25 Oct 2015

​Prizes Awarded for Stormhoek Race to Cape of Storms

As the sun began to set behind Table Mountain, teams gathered to award top honours for the Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms to GREAT Britain , with Derry~Londonderry~Doire…

25 Oct 2015

Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms Prize-giving Tonight

It’s almost time to get the party started as we count down the hours to the Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms Prize-giving and Crew Party. The excitement kicks…

25 Oct 2015

ETAs to Cape Town, South Africa

The Clipper 2015-16 Race fleet is now berthed at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. Click here for further information about Cape Town and the events during the…

23 Oct 2015

​Race 2 Day 16: Wind shifts keep remaining teams focused on finish

The four teams still racing are managing the wind shifts on the final push into Cape Town. Southerly boat Qingdao, which struggled with changeable winds yesterday, is now making 8.7…

22 Oct 2015

IchorCoal celebrates finish into ‘home port’

South African sponsored IchorCoal is celebrating its arrival into ‘home port’ Cape Town at 0917 UTC (1117 local time), with an elapsed time of 351 hours 17 minutes. Sponsored by…

22 Oct 2015

​Race 2, Day 15: South Atlantic High the final obstacle for remaining teams

The South Atlantic High is the last remaining major obstacle for the boats still at sea, with progress slow in the final approaches to the finish line off Cape Town,…

21 Oct 2015

​Race 2, Day 14: Dramatic denouement in store as teams fight to finish

Race 2, The Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms, is headed for a dramatic denouement, with Derry~Londonderry~Doire, Garmin, GREAT Britain and Mission Performance all fighting to be first into…

20 Oct 2015

Race 2, Day 13: Stealth Mode suspense for Race fans

The Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms is set for an exciting finish, with frustrating winds and the wide use of Stealth Mode amongst the fleet leaving race fans…

20 Oct 2015

Race 1 Penalty Points Awarded

The Clipper Race Committee has finalised the list of penalty points to be given to the teams following the assessment of damages and repairs that were needed after the fleet’s…

19 Oct 2015

​Race 2 Day 12: High pressure system off Africa the next challenge

The high pressure system ahead of the fleet off South Africa is causing a tactical headache for the Skippers as they analyse the navigation and weather options for the approach…

19 Oct 2015

Clipper Race fleet and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston officially entered in Rolex Sydney Hobart Race 2015

The Clipper Race fleet is officially entered in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (RSHYR) which starts on December 26. The fleet will bring colour to the Australian offshore classic…

18 Oct 2015

​Race 2 Day 11: Derry~Londonderry~Doire sets time to beat in Ocean Sprint

Four teams have completed the Ocean Sprint section of the course and are counting down the miles until the finish in Cape Town. All teams pushed hard with good average…

17 Oct 2015

​Race 2 Day 10: Front teams start Ocean Sprint test

Five teams are currently pushing hard across the Ocean Sprint after enjoying more challenging conditions in the Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms. Race leader Garmin, GREAT Britain (second),…

16 Oct 2015

Race 2 Day 9: Speed records broken as teams tested by front

It has been a day of fast spinnaker sailing as the front passed over the fleet, with multiple teams breaking speed and distance records, including another new reported top speed…

15 Oct 2015

​Nominations Open for Stormhoek Social Spirit Award

As the teams battle it out in the South Atlantic Ocean, it is time for everyone on dry land to start nominating for the Stormhoek Social Spirit Award in this…

15 Oct 2015

Race 2 Day 8: Windy conditions provide exhilarating racing

The anticipated weather front will move over the fleet imminently, with the majority of teams already in winds of 30 to 40 knots, and still anticipating 50 knot gusts. Progress…

15 Oct 2015

Unicef in South Africa: HIV prevention

Leg 2: The South Atlantic Challenge takes the race teams from South America towards the distant shores of Africa, ending with a warm welcome in Cape Town, South Africa. Unicef…

14 Oct 2015

Race 2 Day 7: Gruelling conditions with 50 knot gusts predicted today

The majority of the fleet is making good progress in some fairly gruelling conditions, with strong winds and gusts around 50 knots predicted for the eastern group over the next…

13 Oct 2015

Race 2 Day 6: Three teams cross the Scoring Gate

Three teams have crossed the Scoring Gate, following the fleet’s dilemma of whether to risk heading further south in pursuit of the bonus points. Derry~Londonderry~Doire crossed first at 0438UTC today,…

12 Oct 2015

Race 2 Day 5: Strong winds forecasted for eastern teams

Some of the fleet have been experiencing a period of light winds, but strong conditions associated with the front appearing are due to fill in over the next 24 hours…

11 Oct 2015

​Race 2 Day 4: Complicated weather patterns ahead as teams decide on tactics

The weather is set to be complicated over the next few days, creating the first major transition area of the race, and some tactical dilemmas for the teams. The eastern…

10 Oct 2015

Race 2 Day 3 Teams Toy with Scoring Gate Tactics

As the crew gradually settles into the life of ocean racing again, attention has now turned to the tactical decision of whether or not to go for the Scoring Gate…

9 Oct 2015

Race 2 Day 2: Crews acclimatise to tough conditions

As the crews continue to acclimatise to the tumultuous conditions in the South Atlantic Ocean, the strong winds are helping the fleet make steady progress towards Cape Town, with leader…

8 Oct 2015

​Race 2 Day 1: ‘A baptism of fire’ with fleet in strong winds and big waves

The Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms is underway with the fleet mostly in a tightly-bunched pack after 140 nautical miles and 14 hours of racing. Derry~Londonderry~Doire was first…

8 Oct 2015

Countdown to Cape Town

The countdown has already started to a host of exciting events in South Africa now that Race 2 is underway: the Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms from Rio…

7 Oct 2015

Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms gets underway

Race 2: The Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms is underway off the Brazilian coast today on its 3,417 nautical mile voyage to Cape Town, South Africa. Teams departed…

7 Oct 2015

​Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms Start today

At 1600UTC (1300 local time) the Clipper Race fleet slipped lines and departed Rio de Janeiro in preparation for the start of the Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms.…

7 Oct 2015

Meet the Race 2 crew: Colleen Carstens

South African crew member Colleen Carstens had no previous sailing experience before signing up to take part in Leg 2 and race into her home country this year. Colleen was…

3 Oct 2015

Time for the Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms

The Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms gets underway on Wednesday 7 October. Compared to Race 1 it will seem like a straight sprint across the South Atlantic Ocean…

3 Oct 2015

​‘Lovie’ Your Website

We’re proud to reveal that the Clipper Race website has been shortlisted for a major global award in the category of ‘Best Sports Website’. has been nominated in the…

2 Oct 2015

​Results for Race 1: The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg

After adjusting redress for shortening the course and calculating the positions of the boats still racing at 2300 Local Time on Wednesday 30 September, the Race Office has confirmed the…

2 Oct 2015

​IchorCoal arrives to emotional welcome from Clipper Race crew and supporters

At 1245 UTC (0845 local), the final team to arrive in Rio de Janeiro, IchorCoal was welcomed in with applause as waiting crew from all teams and many supporters came…

1 Oct 2015

​Glorioso Rio

Rio de Janeiro has welcomed the Clipper Race fleet with open arms after a spectacular arrival set against the breath-taking Rio waterfront and the world-famous landmark of Sugarloaf Mountain. The…

1 Oct 2015

​Race 1 Day 31 Atlantic Trade Winds Leg draws to a close

Race 1 has drawn to a close, with the final seven teams battling for final positions and leaderboard points in the Atlantic Trade Winds Leg off the Brazilian coast. After…

1 Oct 2015

Fleet ETAs to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

IchorCoal and Unicef have arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and are berthedat Marina da Gloria. Click here for more information on the fleet's arrival You can learn more about…

30 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 30 Final hours to Race Finish

As we have witnessed in Race 1, after racing more than 5000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean, and at times travelling at speeds of 20 plus knots, the conditions…

29 Sep 2015

Race 1 to Finish at 2100 Local time (Brazil) Wednesday 30 September

The skippers of the seven remaining teams still racing have just been given notice that Race 1 to Rio de Janeiro will finish at 2100 local time (Rio de Janeiro,…

29 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 29 Fleet wary of Cabo Frio concertina

Despite there being seven boats still racing, it has been an anxious 24 hours for Clipper Race followers with up to four teams opting to activate Stealth Mode over the…

28 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 28 Stealth Mode employed in bid for sixth place

After 5600 nautical miles of racing, four teams made it to the Marina da Gloria yesterday within 14 hours of each other. Winners LMAX Exchange had to wait 36 hours…

27 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 27 Sprint Finish for Final Podium Position

At 0433 UTC (0133 local time) Qingdao crossed the finish line at Rio de Janeiro after 27 days of racing across the Atlantic Ocean, claiming second place behind LMAX Exchange…

26 Sep 2015


First to cross the finish line in the Atlantic Trade Winds Race to Rio was LMAX Exchange at 1718 UTC yesterday, having led the Clipper Race fleet for most of…

25 Sep 2015

Final Call for Stormhoek Social Spirit Nominations

As the Clipper Race teams begin to arrive into Marina da Gloria to celebrate the completion of Race 1 across the Atlantic Ocean and the Equator, this is a final…

25 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 25: Fast sailing to Race and Sprint Finish Lines

As of 1000 UTC, Race 1 leader LMAX Exchange is only 36 nautical miles from the finish line. Sailing at an average of 7.5 knots speed over ground it is…

24 Sep 2015


The fleet has cleared the Doldrums Corridor and is charging down the eastern coast of South America at a speed of 9 to12 knots. Visit Seattle became the sixth team…

23 Sep 2015


A letter signed by child survivors of violence is being carried around the world by the Unicef team as a reminder of the dangers that children face in every corner…

23 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 23: Close racing between Derry ~ Londonderry ~ Doire and GREAT Britain

All of the fleet is making decent progress now, with the northerly boats out of the Doldrums, and the southerly boats at the front of the pack beating upwind. The…

22 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 22: Ocean Sprint pushes teams

Qingdao, Derry~Londonderry~Doire, GREAT Britain and Garmin are all in the Ocean Sprint phase of the course, headed south in steady south-easterly Trade Winds. The teams are focused on careful trimming…

21 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 21: Mixed fortunes across the fleet as conditions vary

The countdown to Rio has begun for the frontrunners, as they beat upwind in good southerly Trade Winds. The distance to finish is 1000 nautical miles for leader LMAX Exchange,…

20 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 20:  Ocean Sprint next challenge for teams

More ceremonies with King Neptune have been taking place as the leading pack crosses the Equator. Garmin, Derry~Londonderry~Doire, GREAT Britain and Qingdao have all crossed into the Southern Hemisphere. The…

19 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 19: Equator crossing ceremony for LMAX Exchange

Race leader LMAX Exchange crossed the Equator yesterday afternoon local time, with the crew in a special ceremony in the court of King Neptune as they crossed the line marking…

18 Sep 2015

Nominations Open for Stormhoek Social Spirit Award

As the Atlantic Trade Winds Race draws ever closer to its Rio de Janeiro finish, it is time to open nominations for the first Stormhoek Social Spirit Award of the…

18 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 18: Tropical Depression 9 brings strong winds for frontrunners

Tropical Depression 9 has been sucking the south-east Trade Winds from the South Atlantic High across the Equator, giving some of the frontrunners unexpectedly strong southerly winds in the Doldrums…

17 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 17: Unicef chases Mission Performance through the Cape Verde Islands

Unicef, in tenth place, and Mission Performance in ninth, have been involved in a high drama battle yesterday and through the night. At midday, Mission Performance became visible to Unicef,…

16 Sep 2015

Unicef in Brazil: providing access to sport for children with disabilities

During Leg 1: The Trade Winds to Brazil, Clipper Race crew members are taking on their first major ocean crossing, the Atlantic, spending more than three weeks at sea before…

16 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 16: Crews grapple with unsettled conditions and routing tactics

It’s been another day of unsettled tropical weather as the front-runners enter the Doldrums Corridor, and the chasing pack rounds the Cape Verde Islands. In the front half of the…

15 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 15: Qingdao and Garmin duel again

All eyes are on the skies as the teams monitor the clouds for squall activity, gusts, strong winds and thunder and lightning in the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). Meticulous…

14 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 14: Tropical weather tests teams as the Doldrums await

The teams are studying weather files carefully as they approach the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), known as the Doldrums amongst sailors, and the Doldrums Corridor. The ITCZ is a…

13 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 13: Squall activity high as leaders approach the Doldrums

The conditions at the front of the fleet have become more tropical with lots of squall activity as the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), known as the Doldrums amongst sailors,…

12 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 12: Battle for remaining Scoring Gate points continues

GREAT Britain and Derry~Londonderry~Doire are fighting for the remaining Scoring Gate points, following race leader LMAX Exchange winning the maximum three points last night when it crossed the line first.…

11 Sep 2015

Atlantic Scoring Gate - Latest

UPDATE 1800 UTC GREAT Britain crossed the Atlantic Trade Winds Scoring Gate at 1518 UTC to take 2 points followed by Derry ~ Londonderry ~ Doire at 1637 to claim…

11 Sep 2015

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston awarded ‘Sailor of the Year’ accolade by Sailing Today magazine

Clipper Race Chairman and Founder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was today announced as Sailing Today magazine’s Sailor of the Year at its 2015 awards. Members of the public voted, and Sir…

11 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 11: Competition heats up as fleet approaches Scoring Gate

Race leader LMAX Exchange is set to cross the Scoring Gate this afternoon and claim the maximum three bonus points on offer. GREAT Britain, in second place, and Derry~Londonderry~Doire, in…

10 Sep 2015

​Race 1 Day 10: Steady progress as fleet reaches Trade Winds

Progress has been steady overnight as all the teams have found reasonable wind after several days of very light airs for many of the yachts. Garmin and Qingdao , which…

9 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 9: Leaderboard changes as Canary Islands tactics test teams

The leaderboard has seen some considerable changes overnight, as the teams make their tactical decisions on whether to pass between the Canary Islands and take more of an inshore route,…

8 Sep 2015

IchorCoal Resumes Racing

IchorCoal has officially resumed Race 1 following the tragic fatal accident to crew member Andy Ashman on Saturday. The team departed Douro Marina in Porto, Portugal at 1120 local time…

8 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 8: Lmax Exchange finds steady Trade Winds

LMAX Exchange Skipper Olivier Cardin’s decision to stay east and keep heading south is paying off, as the yacht has now reached the steady Trade Winds, making 8.6 knots north…

7 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 7: GREAT Britain re-takes lead as it positions itself west

Across the fleet, the yachts have been doing their best to make good speed during frustratingly light winds as they head south towards the Canary Islands. GREAT Britain is top…

6 Sep 2015

IchorCoal team announces decision to resume racing

After arriving in Porto late last night and having had time to process the absolute tragedy of losing their crew mate Andrew Ashman, the crew of IchorCoal have made the…

6 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 6: A difficult and emotional 24 hours across the fleet

It’s been a difficult and emotional 24 hours across the fleet. The team of IchorCoal is now safely ashore in Porto, northern Portugal, where they were met by a Clipper…

5 Sep 2015


ICHORCOAL RESUMES RACING Full story here: UPDATE 2030 BST (1930 UTC) MONDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2015 Following the completion of interviews this evening by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch of…

4 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 4: LMAX Exchange widens lead as fleet heads south through Cape Finisterre’s acceleration zone

Some variable winds yesterday have built this morning and 20 knots, gusting to 35 knots of wind, is ensuring the fleet continues to make good racing progress. The teams are…

3 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 3: ​Wind fills in as fleet escapes Ushant and makes good speed towards Cape Finisterre

After an agonising day of drifting back further than they went forward at one stage, the latter half of the fleet; namely Unicef , Da Nang-Viet Nam, IchorCoal, Visit Seattle,…

2 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 2: Light winds off Ushant grip half the fleet after fast start

The race to get to the Bay of Biscay and out into the Atlantic was on last night as teams chased each other with good boat speed. However overnight light…

1 Sep 2015

Race 1 Day 1: Thrilling Racing as Fleet Lead Changes Constantly

Day 1 proved to be a totally thrilling first day of close-hauled racing with a jostling of positions and leads as the fleet raced along the south east coast of…

31 Aug 2015

Clipper 2015-16 Round the World Yacht Race starts off English coast

The 12 international crews competing in the tenth edition of the world’s longest ocean race have started the 40,000 nautical mile circumnavigation off the English coast at Southend. The Clipper…

31 Aug 2015

Follow the Race

And they’re off! As the fleet of twelve racing teams made up of international crew members makes its way down the River Thames to the start line of Race 1,…

31 Aug 2015

Preview: The Atlantic Trade Winds leg to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The 12 teams will start their ocean odyssey and the 5,186 nautical mile Atlantic Trade Winds leg to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at 12.30pm today off Southend, UK. The fleet…

30 Aug 2015

Tower Bridge lifts for teams as tenth Clipper Race gets underway

The twelve teams made up of international amateur sailors competing in the Clipper 2015-16 Race have passed under Tower Bridge, London, at the start of the 40,000 nautical mile global…

30 Aug 2015

Race Start: LIVE

The departure of the Clipper Race fleet from St Katharine Docks, London will be streamed live on Sunday 30 August. The live stream will be available at . The…

29 Aug 2015

Stormhoek get Social Spirit flowing with new Crew Prize

The Clipper Race is as much as about team spirit and the people you share this experience with as it is about sailing, and this is something that our Official…

28 Aug 2015

IchorCoal Officially Named Ahead of Race Start

The Race Village burst into life this morning during the IchorCoal boat naming ceremony when the Sapinda Rainbow Ambassadors treated their fellow crew to an impromptu singing performance in honour…

19 Aug 2015

Young South Africans take to the water for fleet delivery

The Clipper Race fleet and its international crew is currently on its way to London for the highly anticipated tenth edition Race Start on 30 August, and on board IchorCoal…

30 Jul 2015

London to Plymouth Cycle for Unicef

As well as the twelve crews taking part in the Clipper Race, the team at Race HQ will also be raising money for the race’s official charity, Unicef. With a…

20 Jul 2015

​Meet the Crew: Linda and Sophie Crocker

Meet the Crew: Linda and Sophie Crocker Mother and daughter duo Linda and Sophie Crocker will be racing against each other on Qingdao and Ichor Coal during the South Atlantic…

16 Jul 2015

British watch company Elliot Brown to be Official Timekeeper of the Clipper 2015-16 Race

British watch company Elliot Brown will be our Official Timekeeper during the Clipper 2015-16 Race. Built to go the distance during the circumnavigation, Elliot Brown watches will be worn to…

14 Jul 2015

Help us support children in danger

Unicef is the official Clipper 2015-16 Race Charity and also has a team entry which will highlight its projects on our race route around the world. There are many ways…

3 Jul 2015

​IchorCoal to sponsor team led by Skipper Darren Ladd

South African mining company IchorCoal is the latest Team Sponsor to come aboard the Clipper 2015-16 Race and their team will be led by Somerset Skipper Darren Ladd. It is…

1 Jul 2015

Spectacular London Start Planned from St Katharine Docks

The countdown clock has reached the 60 days mark to the start of the tenth edition of the Clipper Race and crew excitement is mounting in anticipation of the departure…

1 Jul 2015

Virtually There

With less than two months to the start of the tenth edition of the Clipper Race we're marking the occasion with an exciting new version of our official Race Game.…

26 Jun 2015

​Meet the Crew: Emma Dixey

Emma Dixey is a General Practitioner from Newport, Isle of Wight who recently completed her Level 3 training week. She’s been telling us about why she cannot wait to sail…

22 Jun 2015

Team Building Weekend Summary

Clipper Race red jackets were out in force all over the UK and as far as France this past weekend, being spotted in Kent, the Welsh Brecon Beacons, the New…

22 Jun 2015

Team Building Weekend - Skipper Blogs

Team Ash After battling through terrible traffic for hours, 18 members of Team Ash arrived in the middle of the New Forest just in time to get stuck into some…

29 May 2015

Race Start Spectator Boat Tickets on Sale

Want to be at the heart of the action when the twelve ocean racing yachts of the Clipper 2015-16 Race fleet depart London to start the tenth edition of the…

27 May 2015

Spectator boat tickets for Clipper Race Start on sale this Friday

Want to be at the heart of the action when the twelve ocean racing yachts of the Clipper 2015-16 Race fleet depart London to start the tenth edition of the…

21 May 2015

100 Days Until Race Start

Just 100 days until the Clipper 2015-16 Race sets sail. The tenth edition of the world’s longest yacht will start on Sunday 30 August from St Katharine Docks, London. Spectator…

18 May 2015

Young South Africans complete intensive UK training

Ten young South Africans, some of whom have never seen the ocean before, are celebrating the completion of all four levels of Clipper Race training. The group was shortlisted to…

27 Apr 2015

Unicef welcomed on board as official Clipper 2015-16 Race charity

At Crew Allocation, we were very pleased to reveal that world's leading children's organisation Unicef UK has been appointed as our official race charity. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston says: “We are…

23 Apr 2015

Two days to go until Crew Allocation – race teams revealed

In just two days, more than 600 international race crew members, family and friends will gather in Portsmouth, UK for Crew Allocation to discover which skipper will lead them around…

22 Apr 2015

46th anniversary of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s Golden Globe victory

Forty-six years ago today, Clipper Race chairman and founder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston finished victorious in the Sunday Times Golden Globe race to complete the first nonstop solo circumnavigation. The sole…

17 Apr 2015

Connecting Crew with Business Opportunities

A new business networking group for former Clipper Race crew has been launched to help our alumni make valuable connections with each other and our partners, as well as receiving…

7 Apr 2015

Meet Race Skipper Darren Ladd

Somerset sailor Darren Ladd got into sailing thanks to his grandfather who would take him out on his converted lifeboat in Weymouth as a child. The 49 year old has…

30 Mar 2015

​MOB Book Launched and New Personal AIS Revealed

One year after an MOB in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in which crew member Andrew Taylor was successfully rescued after 100 minutes in the water, Sir Robin has…

21 Mar 2015

Former Clipper Race Skippers send a warm welcome to their successors

Following the announcement of our Clipper 2015-16 Race skippers, warm wishes and congratulations have flooded in from their predecessors. For the first time in our 19-year history, two of the…

18 Mar 2015

Meet the Clipper 2015-16 Skippers

With less than six months to go until the start of the Clipper 2015-16 Race, we can now reveal our most diverse ever line up of professional skippers. For the…

12 Mar 2015

​Race features its unique global marketing platform at SportsPro LIVE

Today, Clipper Ventures CEO, William Ward and the Clipper Race partnerships team are at the annual SportsPro LIVE show in London. Hosted at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, the Clipper Race is…

5 Mar 2015

Start dates revealed for Legs 1 - 4

As we edge ever closer to the start of the Clipper 2015-16 Race, we can now reveal the start dates and projected crew changeover days in the host ports, from…

4 Feb 2015

International crew recruitment tour for Clipper Race

Are you looking to test your physical and mental limits and achieve something remarkable? Over the coming weeks, international crew talks are taking place in Australia, Hungary, the US and…

27 Jan 2015

Harken back on board as Official Winch and Deck Hardware Supplier for 2015-16 race

We have once again joined forces with Harken to power the next edition of our race. Sir Robin Knox Johnston says: “I am delighted that Harken will continue to partner…