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The shared ambition of promoting business as part of a global trade mission resulted in £15m in PR value, 100 new business connections and twelve international influencing events in market.

The GREAT Britain campaign showcases the very best of what the UK has to offer in order to encourage the world to visit, study and do business with the UK.

The campaign unifies the international growth promotion efforts of different government departments and private sector companies, working with around 500 businesses and 21 government departments and Arm’s Length Bodies.


To use the Clipper Race, which follows the old trading routes and embodies the adventure of business, as a platform to support its core objective of jobs and growth for the UK.

  • Over 100 new business connections were made for the GREAT campaign thanks to its Clipper Race partnership.
  • Over twelve influencing events were led by Heads of Missions and Ambassadors from across the British diplomatic service.
  • In Cape Town, the Clipper Race and GREAT ran events that engaged with over 60 potential inward investors to the UK.
  • In China, the co-run event with the Clipper Race generated eight media stories across multiple media platforms including the China Daily, with an estimated potential audience of over 24 million.
  • £15.13m PR Value for the GREAT Campaign across six of its target markets.
  • Renewed partnership for 2017-18 for a third consecutive race based on year-on-year success.
  • The GREAT Campaign as a whole, with the Clipper Race being a channel of delivery, has so far achieved:
    • Returns of £2.2 billion for the UK economy since its launch in 2012, with a further £2.1 billion currently being audited.
    • According to research, 15% of our audiences are more likely to do business with the UK at GREAT events across the world.
      The GREAT brand was independently valued at £215m in 2015, and rising.

CEO/ Founder of the Clipper Race and GREAT Ambassador, William Ward, featured in a film produced by Ridley Scott Productions for the first release of ‘Exporting is GREAT’. This is the UK Government’s domestic campaign aimed at identifying trade opportunities for UK businesses. The film was used across all owned channels and featured in the TV media buy across Sky Sports, ITV and Channel 4.

South Africa
Showcasing adventure, energy and innovation, GREAT Britain and UKTI South Africa teamed up with one of its other partners, the BLOODHOUND project, to host an influencing and networking sail day.
British High Commissioner to South Africa, Judith Macgregor, hosted an evening reception with yacht tours for business and political figures.

A focused sailing event for a group of 24 selected delegates from both British and Australian companies aimed at fostering new trade relationships, hosted by Nick McInnes, Director General UK Trade and Investment Australia and New Zealand.

Two days of events on board the GREAT Britain yacht, including networking, media calls and a targeted business event, reinforced relationships with a major regional city whilst highlighting the education opportunities between the UK and Vietnam for international students.

Supported the national drive by the British Embassy to empower women and tackle gender equality issues across China. ‘BeY♀urself’, a campaign led by the British Ambassador in Beijing, provided a panel session with speakers including race crew member and British Paralympic gold medallist Charlotte Evans, and the Director of Sales Asia for British company and race partner LMAX Exchange, Queenie Yang.

USA [Seattle]
Used a live video link up to the GREAT Britain yacht in the middle of the Pacific to a high profile influencer aerospace summit in partnership with Boeing.
Targeted sailing sessions for sector related companies such as Boeing and Thales.
A reception hosted by the Clipper Race and GREAT was attended by over 110 of the business elite in Seattle.

Celebrated London’s legacy by placing former Olympic and Paralympic athletes on board the yacht as media berths for unique content generation and media profiling.

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The state of Great Britain, as a major trading nation, was founded based on our nautical flair and sense of adventure.

The clipper race is a powerful partner in the international campaign of GREAT Britain, which promotes the best of British, competitive, international and cosmopolitan creativity. It was great to see the race leaving London for the first time and even better to see the flotilla was led by a british boat. I wish sir Robin Knox-Johnston well and all those taking part.

Prime Minister, The RT Hon David Cameron