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  • Raise £400k for Unicef UK through Clipper Race Crew, Supporters, Staff and Alumni.
  • Raise brand awareness of Unicef and the paramount work it does around the world.
  • Engage new supporters for Unicef UK through the Clipper Race database.

For the second consecutive edition the Clipper Race was delighted to announce Unicef as Charity Partner for the 2017-18 edition of the race. In addition to its Charity Partner status, Unicef was donated a yacht entry by the Clipper Race to enable Team Partner status and assist in raising awareness of the brand through an iconic Unicef branded Clipper 70. With fundraising during the 2015-16 edition being so successful the fundraising target for the 2017-18 edition was increased by £100,000 to a mighty £400,000.

  • Raised £374,127.76 for Unicef UK
  • Activated in eight different destinations around the race route [including at both Race Start and Race Finish in Liverpool] engaging local country offices.
  • Hosted the first activation with race crew focusing on climate change in the Whitsunday Islands
  • 264 registered fundraisers, and 151 Just Giving fundraisers.
  • £1,087 average amount fundraised per person.
  • 1.2M in AVE.
  • 2,178 social mentions.
  • 1,683 media mentions [online, print and broadcast].
  • Unicef built on the foundation created from the 2015-16 edition of the race and strengthened ties with local country offices to activate as much as possible across the race circuit.
  • Unicef activated heavily in Liverpool at both Race Start and Race Finish, South Africa, Australia, USA, Panama and in Derry-Londonderry.
  • Activation consisted of the following:
    • Cape Town
      • AIM: To showcase a Unicef led project in Cape Town and incentivise Clipper Race Crew to continue the momentum in raising funds for Unicef.
      • EVENT: Isibindi South Africa Child Protection Programme and Home Visit.
      • OUTCOME: 12 members of crew including the Unicef Skipper Bob Beggs and Clipper Race CEO William Ward were able to see first hand the vital work that Unicef does on the ground in South Africa. The emotional project visit hit home for a lot of crew, seeing first hand the hardships that are faced by those less fortunate than themselves. The Clipper Race created a spotlight video on the project visit and content from the visit was also included into the Cape Town stopover wrap up video online and within the TV documentary series.
    • Australia // Sydney
      • AIM: To reinforce key existing partnerships and to act as a tool to leverage conversations for continued partnership and donation support for Unicef.
      • EVENT: Two ½ day sails on Sydney Harbour. Attendees included guests from Ikea, Qantas, Australian Rugby Union, DLA Piper and 3P Learning as well as senior representatives from the Unicef New York office.
      • OUTCOME: The success of Unicef Australia’s activation with the Clipper Race in Sydney came to fruition instantly, cementing conversations regarding partnership renewals between Unicef Australia and high-profile stakeholders. Guests of Unicef also engaged in the Spinnaker of Support displayed within the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Village, showcasing the various Unicef fundraising activities as part of the Clipper Race.
    • Australia // Whitsunday Islands
      • AIM: To profile and raise awareness of the long-term work that Unicef does in communities related to the welfare of children, which, at times gets overshadowed by the aftermath and relief work that Unicef is heavily involved with which immediately follows on from a disaster.
      • EVENT: Skype call between Clipper Race crew in Airlie Beach and children from a Unicef supported project in Fiji.
      • OUTCOME: The interactive Skype call was picked up by a lot of regional media, including TV and online, which included outlets such as the Fiji Times, Fiji Sun Online, and at a broader scale such as the ABC, providing great exposure for Unicef’s local programmes. Children from all across Fiji traveled to Suva, where Unicef Fiji is based, to speak via Skype to selected Unicef crew members, showcasing how their schools had changed over the years to cater for the changes in climate change. In addition to educating crew about the long-term work that Unicef implements in Fiji, the activation also enabled children from varying backgrounds the opportunity to see first-hand (via mobile connection) the Clipper Race Unicef branded yacht and get a personal tour around the Clipper 70 to understand what life is like on board an ocean racing yacht.
    • Seattle
      • AIM: To educate Clipper Race Crew on the work that Unicef does in cities, working both with children in privileged communities and underprivileged communities to inspire local youths on the Clipper Race.
      • EVENT: Kid Power school visit to Thorndyke Elementary School which was attended by three race crew members, Unicef skipper Bob Beggs and the Clipper Race media team.
      • OUTCOME: 26 students heard and saw first hand about what life was like on board a Clipper 70 through a presentation by the Unicef skipper and through viewing 360 content from the Clipper Race VR goggles. Race Crew then participated in an interactive Unicef Kid Power-Up Activity together educating crew on the work that Unicef does within inner city schools.
    • Panama
      • AIM: Showcase to Race Crew how a community centre focusing on ending violence and child rights in Panama receives support from Unicef, to continue to raise awareness of the work Unicef does on the ground and ultimately to incentivise Race Crew to continue raising funds for Unicef.
      • EVENT: A project visit to Espacio Creativo Foundation, a community centre in which local children develop their artistic potential through contemporary dance while learning tools for personal care and social skills].
      • OUTCOME: 15 race crew members attended the project visit, which consisted of an artistic display from the children at the project, question time from the Panama Unicef rep and a tour around the project.
    • New York
      • AIM: To further engage and reward key fundraisers and supporters of Unicef.
      • EVENT: A specially arranged Unicef HQ and United Nations tour targeted at key Unicef Clipper Race fundraisers.
      • OUTCOME: Hosted by Hamish Young, Chief Humanitarian Action and Transactions Section, Race Crew felt very valued for being given the opportunity to experience such a unique opportunity which provided insight into the work that UN agencies do for the better of the world.
    • New York 2
      • AIM: Engage and reward Unicef USA NextGen members and raise funds for Unicef.
      • EVENT: NextGen 1/2 day sail on the Hudson River.
      • OUTCOME: The event raised over $2,500 for Unicef through the sale of tickets for the sail day. All attendees were very inspired by the Clipper Race Crew and the Unicef branded Clipper 70 provided the perfect platform for business discussions and inspiration around what more can be done for Unicef through the USA NextGen team.
    • Derry-Londonderry
      • AIM: Launch Derry City and Strabane District Council as the first city in Northern Ireland to become a Unicef ‘Child Friendly City’.
      • EVENT: Derry City and Strabane District Council and Unicef partnership launch on board the Unicef branded Clipper 70, followed by four motor experiences on the River Foyle.
      • OUTCOME: The launch event was attended by Mark Delvine, Unicef UK COO, the Mayor of Derry and Strabane District Council, Cllr John Boyle and a number of key influencers within the community which was hugely successful and generated positive media attention for the council and Unicef. In parallel with the launch, 48 local people from diverse backgrounds, including children, experienced what life was like on board a Clipper 70, taking four, one-hour long motor experiences out on the River Foyle.
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Being able to showcase Unicef’s different projects, during stopovers around the world, is a really important part of making the crew see the difference and the change they are making to children. What they experience on the ground is the real impact that Unicef and the Clipper Race makes to the lives of millions of young children.The Clipper Race has raised an astonishing £700,000 so far for Unicef.

Mike Penrose, Executive Director of Unicef UK