Dell Latitude Rugged talks sustainability and product lines


Technology Partner, Dell, hosted a series of events on a unique houseboat located in St. Katharine Docks, moments away from the fleet. With a strong focus on sustainability, each session was kicked off with a Q&A panel discussing topics within the sustainability issues that affect us all. Hosted by John Gunning, Senior Director, Direct Sales, Dell, the panel consisted of diverse speakers including Steve McPherson an artist focused on sourcing his material from the discarded plastic objects that wash ashore on his local Kent coast in the UK. David Lear, VP of Sustainability, Dell spoke about the leaps and strides that Dell has made to test and utilise new non-plastic materials, source and recycle ocean plastic and share information with other major brands through the #nextwave initiative. Skippers, AQPs and Dell Ambassadors discussed how the Clipper Race worked to reduce, reuse and recycle intelligently whilst utilising the race as a platform to communicate awareness and solutions to its global community of partners and supporters.

The customer event opened up to a full hands-on experience with an array of Dell products supported by Client Solutions Consultants to talk guests through the full capabilities and opportunities the technology provides.

All guests were invited down to meet the crew and tour one of the Clipper 70 ocean racing yachts to have an understanding of the living and working space onboard during their 40,000nm circumnavigation. They were given an insight into the reasons why the reliability and functionality of the Dell Latitude Rugged technology is so vital for the teams who use the kit for communication, safety and the storytelling of the race.

Craig Brandt, Senior Consultant, Product Marketing at Dell Software and Peripherals explained why bringing customers together with the race is so effective for Dell, “The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race provides a unique backdrop for Dell to showcase its Rugged line of products and the entire Commercial Client Portfolio. The excitement of the race and intriguing stories of the race participants create a memorable experience for our customers which we wrap around quality sales conversations and hands-on opportunities with our products.”